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16 Hot Lemonade Braids Inspired by Beyoncé’s Music Video

Jumbo Lemonade Braids


Super low upkeep and easy to manage, these thick beautiful braids look more awesome with super-thin ones for a contrasting effect.

Lemonade Zig Zag Braids


One of the fun benefits of having cornrows is that you get to show your personality by having any unique intricate design you want! Be sure to have yours done by a pro if you want magical results!

Thin Lemonade Braid


Cute long and small side braids are perfect when you aim to show off a mermaid fashion color like this pastel pink ombre! A bonus tip – you can use strings to transition from one color to another.

Burgundy Red Braids


This is a stunning burgundy box braids that would suit anyone brave enough to wear it. So beautiful on its own that you don’t need to accessorize or style too much!

Braids with Cuffs


Feel like a princess warrior with this iconic look! Put on some golden metallic cuffs, add in those thin flawless braids beside your face, and finish with an edgy high ponytail to rock this style.

Side Part


A neat side part can give you a balanced volume on both sides of your head. Keep it naturally black for that added classic sensation.

Long Braids


Highlight your gorgeous long lemonade braids when you let warm honey tones run through them and then end solidly. With a warm shade like hers, you can brighten your face for spring or summer!

Bun Braids


Get edgy with these lemonade braids paired with a neat undercut. The purple ombre looks as fashionable in a high bun as it is when worn straight down.

With String


If vibrant colors and dazzling accessories are your thing, you can try combining these rose gold strings and green ombre for that contrast to create a dreamy look!

With Beads


Beads and cuffs are such a stylish way to finish that attractive braided look. Just use your creativity and for sure you’ll end up with a unique design that shows your fun personality.

Small Braids


These carefully done baby lemonade braids are so pleasing to the eye that you don’t need anything else to make it look stunning! Another plus is that you can style it in any way you want – straight back, in a bun, or with accessories.

Purple Braids


Tired of your simple black long locks? Have a magical effect by trying this blend of purple and blue ombre! Decorate your braids with gold cuffs and yarn to finish that enchanting look.

Ponytail Braids


A fresh take on these lovely braids – start with a unique intricate pattern on your head and transition it smoothly into a high ponytail to give you a cool yet feminine look!

Chunky Braids


A super manageable style is these flawless jumbo lemonade braids. Style simply with a solid golden shade and wrap your hair around with two pieces so you can flaunt your lovely face and feel fresh!

Big Braids


Super glam and thick braids can be styled side-swept and with gold accessories like hers to make it look more fabulous than it is. A few jumbo braids are low maintenance and ideal for those who are on-the-go.

Q&A with style creator, Stephanie Odia Kalonji
Braiding Expert @ Steph Odia Style in France

How would you describe this look?

This look is the best protective style for summer. It looks edgy and classic at the same time! Perfect to take a dip in the pool with and still look good coming out of the water!

Any advice for someone considering it?

I think anybody can rock this braided style. It goes well with an everyday person who works and wants to save some time in the morning and also perfect for the active girl who goes to the gym and is always on the run.

Cornrow Lemonade Braids


A combo of thin and thick braids with highlights can give you that sexy Beyonce vibe. Anyone can recreate this combination with any braid sizes as long as you have some length to work with.

Q&A with style creator, Nari
Master Braider @ Royal Braid Lounge in East Point, GA

How would you describe this look?

This look is “stitch braids” or as some would like to call it “railroad tracks”. This is not your average cornrow style but is achieved by adding small pieces of extensions to the natural hair so that it gradually goes up in size. The thicker the hair is, the less hair you add.

I love how this lemonade braid is very quick, convenient, and simple, but still shows so much detail in the braids. This style is very popular due to the “stitched” look of the braids.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This style can last 2 weeks or more depending on the hair type. If you are looking for a side braid that can last over 3 weeks then I do not suggest this

If you work out, I recommend these braids, as they are very lightweight and can keep your hair out of your face, and doesn’t require much maintenance.

I don’t suggest this style for clients with extremely thick hair. You will not be able to get longevity out of this style depending on the texture of your hair.

This style can be dressed up or down. You can pull your hair back in a nice bun for your corporate day job, and for a night in town, you can let the ends of the braids hang long and flow in the wind.