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21 Amazing Ways to Get Sandy Brown Hair to Freshen-Up Your Dull Locks

Sandy Burgundy Brown to Black Ombre


Sandy burgundy brown to black ombre hair is like a classic trend with a little spice in it. The hints of reddish shade are what give dark tresses personality. The ombre gives locks a bit of brightness but in an edgier way.

Sandy Reddish Brown for Black Skin Tones


Featuring a gorgeous shade of sandy reddish brown for black hair! The color adds enough shine that fits your skin tone. For an illusion of extra depth, keep your straight hair no longer than the shoulders and add side bangs. Use hair glosses to richen the sandy brown hues and highlight your eye color.

Sandy Dark Brown for Dark Hair

A sandy dark brown hair color and flowy waves are a perfect match.

Sandy Caramel Brown with Subtle Blonde Highlights

Flaunt your long hair with a sun-kissed tone by opting for this sandy caramel brown shade. The blonde highlights create a dimensional effect, which goes well with classy curls.

Sandy Honey Brown Highlights


Your long, thick hair deserves a sun-kissed glow, and that’s what this trend can offer you! Sandy honey brown highlights add a pop of warmth to your look. Soft dimensions and waves complement each other well, too.

Sandy Mousy Brown


A sandy mousy brown color added texture in a shoulder-length bob. It’s even done via balayage to lighten and frame your face.

Sandy Chocolate Brown


A sandy chocolate brown hair color is easy to manage and doesn’t require much of a touch-up. Wavy, dark hair will also grow out so effortlessly with this shade.

Sandy Mahogany Brown


The waves in this sandy mahogany brown hair create a movement that appears effortless. Choosing a length that’s beyond the shoulders is also clever—not too short, nor too long.

Sandy Espresso Brown with Hair Extensions


A dimensional blonde is a craze that’s definitely here to stay, but you can have it with a little bit of a twist. Try to wear this shade of sandy espresso brown with bold confidence. The cool tone of the blonde hue is striking and frames the face. With or without hair extensions, the end result of having long and wavy locks in this color is fulfilling.

Sandy Brunette Hair


The best sandy brunette hair looks and feels warm and is natural-looking on long waves.

Sandy Ash Brown Hair


Since the ashy-toned hair is currently trending, it’s time for you to flaunt this sandy ash brown hair color. Loose waves on mid-length hair are perfect for highlighting the lighter streaks.

Sandy Bronde Balayage with Wavy Ends

Give your long, wavy tresses the right pop of blonde and brown with teasylights and a shadow root. Both shades balance out one another, creating this ravishing sandy bronde balayage.

Sandy Golden Brown


A sandy golden brown hair color pops with darker streaks to create a warmer undertone to your mid-length blonde. The seamless blend of sandy brown shades is a statement piece that will do best on glamorous waves.

Sandy Chestnut Brown


The soft sandy chestnut brown and the gorgeous waves on long strands work wonders with a half updo.

Sandy Copper Brown


Try a sandy copper brown balayage combined with a color melt and sun-kissed dimension with soft waves.

Sandy Auburn Brown Balayage


A sandy auburn brown balayage allows women to wear it without worrying about regrowth lines, and the sandy brown tone has a rich autumnal warmth. The gorgeous hair coloring job in this image was created by senior stylist Cas Roycroft of Hamilton, NZ.

Roycroft loves doing this kind of hair coloring and styling combo – big bounce waves just make a balayage color stand out by showing the depth, highlights, and placement of the color.

When asked about creating sandy brown hairstyles, she explained, “usually, I bring the color higher around the face and drop it down towards the back. I also place the color more heavily on the ends around the section above the crown and around the front while scattering the color through the underneath section under the crown. This creates a color contouring (or a shadow) behind the ears and around the neck while brightening up around the face and shoulders.”

Light Sandy Brown Hair


Consider this light sandy brown hair if you’re looking to transition from light to dark. It was created by salon owner and hair colorist Joseline Vargas of Pasadena, CA.

“This was a great transition for this particular model in the picture,” notes Vargas. “Her hair was really light blonde that was growing out, and she wanted to slowly go back to her natural color.”

Vargas felt this sandy brown hair dye would be a great medium to the previously light blonde she had and her natural brown color. She adds, “For the low-maintenance feel, you’ll need to touch up their hair every 4-6 weeks.”

Sandy Warm Brown


A sandy warm brown not only grants you sultry and brighter locks but also gives them a new life! You’ll love it when you need a break from having dark brown hair.

“This is a warm brunette balayage,” says hairstylist Lindsay Amarel of West Jordan, UT. “My favorite thing about it is how the sandy brown tones blend so nicely together.”

Amarel says most women would be a good candidate for this sandy brown hue as long as they’re willing to take care of their hair with a professional product.

Sandy Mushroom Brown


If you have naturally blonde hair, ask your colorist for this mushroom sandy brown hair color idea to avoid a sandy blonde hair color. It was colored by balayage specialist Vanessa Calder of Victorville, CA. “This formula is a dark blonde or light brown with neutral undertones,” she notes.

“My favorite part about this is that we took this beauty back to her natural hair color while still adding dimension and shine to the hair,” explains Calder.

The best thing about this hair color is that a sandy blonde can be customized to most women’s skin tone. If you prefer warm tones, it can be a little more golden, and if you prefer ash it can be more of a smokey tone.

Sandy Mocha Brown


Do you have naturally brunette hair and thinking about adding highlights? A sandy mocha brown hue can give you what you want and more! The balayage finish will carry out a dimension on your long, wavy locks.

Hair colorist and salon owner Shay Freese of New Mexico says, “This technique features a natural seamless blend. We wanted a sandy brown shade with a sun-kissed touch. I performed a teasy light lived-in color technique using Alfaparf 9 high lift lightener. We then glossed with 6nw+9v+9gi equal parts using Redken shades then processed for 7 mins.”

This sandy brown hairstyle is for a low-maintenance woman who also wants a sun-kissed tint. Freese recommends a touch-up within 10-12 weeks, maintaining an at-home routine of Alfaparf’s nutrition mask once a week, as well as Kevin Murphy’s blonde angel purple shampoo.