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Bronde Hair = Blonde + Brown and These Are 17 Gorgeous Examples

Ash Bronde on Short Hair

@ jesssalonaz

Ash bronde on short hair makes a creamy hair color that matches a bold hairstyle. The finish looks so much better on thick locks. Turn your ashy bronde short hair into a wavy bob if you’re into a more chic and messy-looking everyday hairstyle.

Beachy Bronde Ombre


Beachy bronde ombré is achieved with added dimension, lowlights, and highlights. For better growth maintenance, a blended shadow root is the way to go.

Coppery Bronde Hair


For coppery bronde hair color, be sure to ask your stylist for dimension, a combo of high and lowlights along with a shadow root. Bronde coloring suits ladies with a yellow undertone as the multi-toned bronde will accentuate their natural glow.

Bronde and Brown Balayage


Ash blonde caramel hair is the trend now! All the celebrities are doing it in an effortless manner. You too can get this gorgeous bronde tone.

Bronde Balayage on Dark Hair


Looking for something new to spice up your natural hair color? Check out this dark bronde hair with balayage. Why choose one when you can enjoy a mix of two colors, such as in this wavy brown and blonde haircolor? Did someone say bronde balayage on dark hair? Yes, please!

Bright Bronde Highlights


Special skills are what it takes to get silky, sun-kissed bronde tresses like this. The warm-toned bronde highlights on brunette roots can brighten the face, making it glow up. All the curves and curls make this more luminous under the light.

Jessica Alba’s Dark to Light Bronde Ombre


This bold shade of bronde is a dark to light bronde ombre. Darker roots to lighter ends would surely do the trick.

Bronde Balayage on Straight Hair


You can never look any more gorgeous with silky long straight hair and a choco cream-inspired bronde balayage shade. The tones look great on sleek hair, but they’re sure to create more perfect bronde hairstyles when curled and braided.

Caramel and Brown Bronde for Long Hair


Sweet and savvy! Luscious bronde strands on long hair look lovely with this caramel and brown shade.

Dark Bronde


Go for a darker brown hair to complement your fair skin. Or if you have otherwise, I’m sure you’ll come out as pretty because this bronde hue suits anybody!

Bronde with Blonde Highlights


Turn up the bronde hair color with some more honey highlights! The soft hues from these blonde highlights would match up for your soft facial features which would bring a lightness towards your appearance.

Butterscotch Balayage Bronde


Caramel-y goodness all melting into one bronde hair color? Yes, will do! Kiss goodbye to a classic bleach blonde hue and say hello to a trendy bronde balayage!

Shoulder-Length Bronde Hair Bob

Show off your natural beauty with earthy bronde hues on a shoulder-length bronde bob. Your hair tips’ light touching on your shoulders makes for a very refined appearance.

Medium Bronde Curls


This bronde color is an ideal color for women looking to embrace their natural texture while also having fun with low-maintenance hair color. It was created by curly hair specialist Shannon Hollis of Austin, TX.

“Choose to keep your natural dark brown hue as the base and add both caramel tones and brighter blonde pieces,” said Hollis. “This will give you that dimensional shade of bronde!”

Don’t be afraid to go big and bold! Find a stylist whose work resonates with you, especially when it comes to low-maintenance bronde hair color and natural texture. It’s also important to avoid sulfates, parabens, and silicones in your products to prolong the life of your color and ensure optimal hair health!

Gigi Hadid’s Golden Honey Bronde


This is a very nice golden bronde color for women, inspired by A-lister Gigi Hadid, who likes low-maintenance hair colors. It was created by hairstylist and colorist Mirian Marques of Somerville, MA. “Honey blonde hair looks very edgy, and most women will look nice with this honey bronde color,” says Marques.

“This shade is for women with medium to long-length hair. This color is very easy to maintain because to achieve this look, we don’t stress the hair so much,” she adds. “It’s always good to have professional products at home, so you don’t need to be at the salon constantly for bronde hair dye treatments.”

Light Bronde


“This light bronde color is a contrasted, cool beige balayage and highlight/lowlight combo from the beautiful color line, Wella,” explains hairdresser Shannen Deloatch of Orlando, FL.

“The sun is strong and wants to pull out all the golden tones in the hair,” says Deloatch. “This cool beige will prevent the golden undertones from coming through so quickly to give you a longer-lasting color.”

The haircut style for this light brown hair with subtle dark roots is a long layered razor cut to add texture, softness, and movement to the hair for a seamless natural grow-out.

Deloatch believes this color can work for all blondes looking for the transition of going slightly cooler of a blonde to feeling lighter and airy for summer. “Also, it’s for brunettes looking to go lighter for summer, with a more textured body with a beachy look,” she notes.

Bronde Highlights


“This bronde hair color features bronde highlights and is a perfect in-between brown and blonde.  With this color, many women can pull it off. With this brond hair, it’s not too dark or too light,” explains stylist Ashley Kovia of San Diego, CA.

If you’re considering bronde shades, get long layers as well. It goes with the color and shows off the dimension.

For styling, Kovia says beach waves will make those bronde colors and layers pop. “If you are worried about the maintenance to color hair bronde, just know it’s a little more maintenance than an all-over brown, but not as much as a bright blonde,” she adds.

Go in for touch-ups every 8-12 weeks and a gloss every 4-6 weeks. A gloss is ideal for shine and to tone the hair if it fades or gets brassy.