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These 17 Examples of Lowlights for Brown Hair Will Totally Inspire You

Lowlights for Brown Hair with a Beachy Wave Texture


Little beach waves on brown locks with lowlights go a long way.

See for yourself with these subtle lights that make all the difference on your brunette hairdo.

Face-Framing Lowlights for Older Women


Face-framing lowlights for older women can change your look for the better! Adding some depth to your color can make you look and feel half your age. These different hues will also add texture and volume to your hair. It’s a definite win-win situation!

Lowlights for Greying Brown Hair


Get a seriously multi-dimensional look when you get into the trend that shows off near-black lowlights.

Combine a natural silver hair color with ashy blonde streaks for an awesome result. This technique can totally transform a thinning mane into a dense-looking one!

Natural-Looking Lowlights for Chestnut Brown Hair


Revamp your light hair with lowlights that have tones darker than your natural one for a really interesting and textured look.

With these lowlights for brown hair, you don’t need to worry about your hair losing dimension, as it will never happen!

Light Brown Hair with Mocha Brown Lowlights


Check out this full head of balayage created with these dark lowlights for brown hair.

With a beautiful healthy brunette mane like this, a low-maintenance and darker color for fall is what you need for a fresh new look.

Mousy Brown with Lowlights


Marvel at this stunning dimension of lowlights on mousy brown straight hair!

Stylist Katie did a root melt, a lowlight, and a toner that transformed this color into a subtle, sun-kissed look.

With its dimension, this colored hair would flatter most ladies with any type of skin tone.

Hazelnut Brown Lowlights


Take your fall-ready hair darker and warmer when you get a beautiful color correction with hazelnut brown lowlights like these!

This brown hair with lowlights will definitely be recognized anywhere for its simplicity and femininity.

Subtle Lowlights for Reddish Brown Hair


Go brighter and more dimensional with these lowlights on absolutely gorgeous balayage hair like hers!

With the right combination of reds, blondes, and a chestnut base, you’ll get depth and uniqueness for your look.

Honey Brown Hair with Chocolate Brown Lowlights


Who wouldn’t fall head over heels with this mocha hazelnut base with chocolate hair lowlights on beachy waves?!

This is a low-maintenance and sexy technique to liven up your plain brunette mane.

The melted roots are sure to allow your natural hair color to grow out without regular visits to the salon.

Espresso-Colored Lowlights on a Brown Mane


The espresso-colored lowlights on a brown mane are achieved with the hair contouring method. Stylist Tharwat Bou Diab from Dubai, UAE created this hair color.

Diab notes, “you should consider your age because not every color is suitable for all ages. Also, when coloring your hair, make sure the salon is using high-quality products. It’s important that the product lasts and the dye color doesn’t fade after several washes.”

Lowlights for Ash Brown Hair


These lowlights for ash brown hair are definitely earthy, cool, and melted with some dimensional sun-kissed pieces. They were created by hairstylist Jeanna Casallo of Auburn, WA.

To create this hair color, Casallo did some heavy teasing to achieve the lowlight look while adding hand-painted pieces to give it a subtle glow.

“If you’re afraid to go for blonde hair, then this is a perfect happy medium color,” she notes. “It’s very lived-in, natural, and can be low-maintenance for both cut and color. I recommend using The Perfect Brunette shampoo and conditioner by Pravana to prolong the color.”

Dark Red Lowlights for Dark Brown Hair


“I would describe this look as a light brown (level 5) with red/violet lowlights (level 6/7) on dark brown tresses. I used Wella Professional for the color and lowlights,” explains salon owner, stylist, and colorist Tonya Ziske of San Jacinto, CA.

Ziske tells us the best thing about this dark hair is that it’s not too long or too short. “It’s the perfect length to wear up or down and straight or curled.”

She adds, “this style and color are easy to maintain. It would be great for women who already have brown hair because they will only need to retouch the lowlights every few months.”

Caramel Brown Hair with Lowlights


This is a bob with a slight angle, enhanced with a caramel brown hue and some lowlights. It was cut and colored by hairstylist Stephanie Borgelt of Brea, CA.

“If you’re a natural redhead (like the model in the photo) but want some light and darker balayage hidden pieces, just know that it would be a nice blend as it grows out,” says Borgelt.

Dark Caramel Lowlights for Medium Brown Hair Color


This medium brown hair features dark caramel lowlights on loose and tousled style. It was created by hairstylist Karagen Drennan of Little Rock, AR.

“The best thing about this kind of style is the ease of it,” notes Drennan. “The color is a low-maintenance natural look using the natural color as the base so it won’t have any new growth.”

She adds, “with the cut, she’ll be able to curl her hair and wear it for as many days as she wants between washes because, the looser the curls, the better.”

Deep Burgundy Lowlights for Cinnamon Brown Hair


These are dark burgundy lowlights with root shadowing that branches off with golden copper balayage and a twist of raspberry ribbons! They were created by cosmetologist Evelyn Lynch of Chicago, IL.

“Understand that red can fade a little, and accept the warm dimension of colors,” says Lynch. “I would learn how to use the wand too as it will showcase the color better.”

Rose Brown Lowlights


This rose brown wavy lob with lowlights. was created by certified colorist Nikki Parsons of New Jersey.

“I love the fact that brunettes have a trendy rose gold option,” exclaims Parsons. “This is colorful enough to feel like your hair color is fun but also subtle enough for most workplaces.”

This deep brown color may not seem like it, but Parsons says it’s high-maintenance. “Expect to be seeing your stylist more than usual for glosses and upkeep, or let it fade out on its own and enjoy the different tones your hair will reflect as time goes on!”

She recommends Keracolor’s Rose Gold Conditioner for maintenance and notes, “prepare to wash your hair in cold water. I also recommend Living Proof’s Restore Line for heat and UV protection to prevent fading.”

Heat is the secret thief of color. Always support your hair color with products and guidelines recommended by your stylist!

Red-Violet Lowlights on Golden Brown Hair


These red-violet lowlights on golden brown hair were created by salon owner and stylist Chelsea Litchfield of Avondale, AZ.

She explains, “I was creative with the way I applied the lowlights. I didn’t saturate scalp to ends. I heavily saturated near the scalp and feathered the color out as I got to the mid-ends to maintain brightness through the ends.”

“This look would be perfect for women wanting to add dimension to their existing color,” she adds. “Lowlights are the perfect way to transition out of summer and into fall. It’s crazy that adding little bits of richness can make a big impact in making your color pop!”