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24 Edgy Hairstyles for Women Over 60 Who Want a Young & Mod Look

Long Pixie for Thin Hair


A long pixie for thin hair is perfect as each cut is uniquely shaped to enhance and suit your needs. Extra layers and choppy ends help create fullness and a feathery vibe. Adding texture helps add extra grit for a better and easier-maintained style.

Edgy Lob with Loose Waves


The edgy lob with loose waves would be perfect for softening a woman’s square-shaped face. A length where the ends touch the shoulders is great for elongating the face shape too. For ladies who are over 60, this style can provide a younger-looking finish when jazzed up with bangs.

Youthful Haircut for Women with Gray Hair


A youthful haircut for women with gray hair is a great style for women wanting an edgy look. To get this style, ask your hairstylist for a soft pixie with a textured fringe.

Youthful Hairstyle for Women at an Elegant Age


Youthful hairstyle for women at an elegant age is perfect for women that want a low-maintenance style. To get this look, ask your hairdresser for a blunt bob and curtain bangs.

Pixie Cut for Short Hair


Pixie cut for short hair is the perfect haircut for women who want an edgy style. To get this look, ask your hairdresser for a soft pixie with a side bang.

Voluminous Spiky Pixie for Women with Glasses


Rock a voluminous spiky pixie with highlights to give your hair full-on lift and texture. The edgy style changes up a classic pixie and is a low-maintenance style. Even on days when you don’t want to make an effort with your hair, the soft messy texture will give your hair great styling.

Sassy Bob for Edgy 60-Year-Olds


A sassy bob for edgy 60-year-olds is a fabulous choice. Still very feminine the shorter lengths make it easy to style. It can be blow-dried straight or messy with some light gel for control. A fringe/bangs work fantastic with this cut to soften your overall appearance.

Edgy Bob with an Undercut


An edgy bob with an undercut is a great choice for mature women. This super chic cut can be blow-dried forward or brushed away from the face with minimal effort and a round brush. Just ask your stylist to do an undercut on the back that’s your new power cut.

Shoulder-Length Edgy Shag Cut


A shoulder-length edgy shag cut embodies a piecey, sleek, and funky appearance all in one. To style, use a flat iron to straighten the hair and bring the face-framing pieces in toward the face. This look works best on an elderly lady with thick hair as it takes away weight throughout the hair while also leaving thickness in the perimeter of the hair.

Younger Looking, Edgy, and Stylish Shag Cut


An edgy and stylish shag cut features lots of texture, face-framing, and short crown layers for volume. Add side-swept bangs above the eye to compliment the cut. Great for women in their sixties looking to have a shorter cut that is easy to style. Plus, it will help you look 10 years younger!

Edgy Undercut Pixie for Grey-Haired Women


An edgy undercut pixie for grey-haired women has a lot of texture for movement and piecey-ness. Ask for clippers around the ears and nape and a short textured crop on top. Use some wax from Hairstory to show off your texture. Use small amounts in your fingertips for product control and work into your hair until you add more body and achieve your desired, younger look.

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Short Shaggy Bob for Over 60 with a Youthful Color


Short and shaggy bobs for women over 60 take a normal bob to the next level. To create even more drama, try adding a fun, fall hair color to your bob. Extra short layers and texture amp up a simple bob and create an undone, messy look.

Edgy Gray Pixie Bob for Thick Hair


A classic gray pixie bob is the go-to cut for those with fine hair wanting to gain fullness while maintaining some length. The pixie bob is a balance of a graduated bob cut for structure and weight. Keeping length around the ear, where the length is shorter, permits some layering on top for more volume and softness.

Edgy Asymmetrical Lob for Women with Straight Hair


Stop feeling like an old lady and try an edgy asymmetrical lob as your new style. Asymmetry adds modernism and interest to edgy hairstyles for over 60. The minimal layers make it very suitable for fine hair. Blowdry with a thickening lotion and a large round brush to make your tresses look thicker.

Salt and Pepper Short Pixie Cut for Women Getting Older


A salt and pepper short pixie cut is very low maintenance, and can be upgraded with choppy layers, angled side fringe, or long bangs. For mature ladies with thicker hair, tapered sides, and choppy layers can create a full but lightweight style with a touch of youthfulness.

Edgy Bob for Curly Hair


Ask for an edgy bob for curly hair to keep your hair looking voluminous and in shape. Helen Thomson of Australia is the talented hairdresser behind this haircut.

“For curls, dry curl cutting with no combs on pre-cleansed hair is important. I did an inverted bob using this technique,” she states.

Thompson also points out how to take care of the curls. She explains, “hydration is key, so use water and conditioner. A gel will give the hair a great hold and best texture, too!”

Shaggy Cut for Women with a Round Face


A shaggy cut for women with a round face makes an edgy style with a lot of texture. Haircuts like this are what UK-based stylist Katie Cofferon does best.

“This chop is great to keep some length and softness while framing the face. It works well on different hair textures as you can adapt the length of layers or bangs,” Cofferon points out.

Edgy Pixie for Women Over 60 with Fine Hair


An edgy pixie for women over 60 with glasses is a short haircut that’s easy to style. “While it’s not a wash-and-wear hairstyle, all you need are dry shampoo paste and spray wax,” says stylist Hope Key of Georgia.

Key used clippers to create the clean sides and blended them with a razor. “The dry-cutting technique then creates internal layers to finish it off,” she notes.

Silver Graduated Bob for Women Over 60


A silver graduated bob for women over 60 is an ideal cut that gives thin hair extra volume and hides any potential hair loss. Gemma Sandercock from the UK is the talented stylist behind this chop.

Sandercock describes this as a great summer cut. “The shorter length at the back ensures a feeling of a cool breeze on the neck. The length around the front is great for that feminine softness around the face shape,” she explains.

Uneven Lob with Highlights and Feathered Layers


An uneven lob with highlights is a stunning and edgy hairstyle for ladies over 60. A shag is perfect for older ladies as it has many uneven, feathered layers which creates an illusion of a fuller style. To blend in the natural grays, adding blonde highlights is the perfect way to go.

Classy Mid-Length Chop for Senior Women


A classy mid-length chop for senior women is just what you are looking for. If you need a pick-me-up, the soft face-framing, long layers, and side bangs do the trick. Style with a round brush and some mousse. Blow-dry the hair towards your face and you’ll be transformed. This medium-length cut works well on almost all hair types.

Chin-Length Blunt Cut for Women with Blonde Hair


The chin-length blunt cut for women with blonde hair works well on a longer face shape because longer hair tends to elongate your face, which pulls your eyes down. What the rounded blunt cut does is keep your eyes up while focusing on pulling your feature outward instead of down.

Utah-based stylist Dawn Hafen used layering and stacking techniques with shears, razor, and texturizing shears for this edgy haircut. “I first cut it in an A-line shape. The back was a stacked, layered cut to add fullness,” she explains.

Edgy Razor Cut for Older Women


An edgy razor cut for older women offers a fun and youthful appearance. Licensed cosmetology Alexandra Muresan of Mt. Vernon, OH recommends it for fine-haired women with an oval or heart-shaped face.

To achieve edgy hairstyles for over 60, Muresan explains, “I used razor cutting techniques at the nape and sides for a seamless finish. Then, cutting shears and thinning shears for trim and texture.”

Long Bob for 60-Year-Old Women


A long bob for 60-year-old women is great for any hair type. Adding soft layers and blowdrying the hair under creates a beautiful style any grandma is sure to love.