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29 Most-Flattering Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair to Perfectly Shape Your Curls

Short Bob


Wear this short bob, and feel proud displaying your natural curls. It features a curly fringe, too, for a pop of excitement. When you have a pale skin tone, a dark ginger hair color will be flattering on you. It’s just one of those short hairstyles for curly hair we love!

Modern Short Curly Hair


This is a modern, short curly hairstyle that adds glamour to your presence. The brown highlights are a great addition to women with black tresses. For a proper care routine, opt for products that offer intense moisture as curls can be prone to dryness.

Voluminous Chin-Length Curls


Q&A with style creator, Tais Bizin
Senior stylist @ Plane Jane Salon in Bethesda, MD

How would you describe this?

This short haircut is a chin-length curly bob. Based on your head shape, ask your stylist if you can have a 90 degree haircut that adds lots of texture.

What’s your best advice?

Use a cream-based curl defining product to soften and tame the frizz, and a light volumizing mousse to keep the curls in place and add volume.

Short haircuts for curly hair are great for women that want a fun, low maintenance and voluminous style. It is perfect for women who don’t want to spend too much time styling their hair in the morning. Women with a narrow face are ideal for this type of hair because it adds lots of volume around cheekbones and even some height.

Angled Curly Bob


A fresh angled curly bob cut and pops of blonde highlights—this is how you enhance your natural hair. The perimeter follows the neckline to preserve the shape and fullness of your mane. Embrace a few grey strands visible on your dark tresses as they also add texture to your final curly bob hairstyle.

Fresh Stacked Bob


A fresh stacked haircut on curly hair like this will leave you feeling breezy and lightweight all day long! A short curly stacked bob so easy to style and maintain – just a little product to scrunch your dashing curls with, and you’re ready to go.

Gorgeous Tight Curls


Q&A with style creator, Yara Abdeen
Natural Hairstylist & Makeup Artist @ MakeupHQ in Cairo, Egypt

How would you describe this?

These tight ringlets are known as a sculpting dry cut. Look at the hair as a whole to create a round shape that gives it that volume at the top of the head and falls more into flattering round layers that frame the face.

Avoid pulling, brushing, and combing your curly hair. Ask your stylist to cut each curl where it wants to sit to create that shape.

This technique also works on shoulder-length hair that has tight curls or coils.

Style short curly hair by cleansing your hair with a non-lathering curl cleanser, and condition it with a clean water-soluble conditioner. Lastly, keep your dryer on a low, warm setting.

What’s your best advice?

Frizzy, dull hair is hair begging for moisture. NYC Curls by Carlos Flores and Curly World by Lorraine Massey are great products for short curly hairstyles. This cut suits all face shapes, and tight curls or coils carry this cut very well because of their fluffiness and bounciness.

Sleep on a satin pillowcase. Make your own curls refresher (filtered water, your favorite conditioner, and gel) and sprits your hair in the morning to produce bouncy curls.

Lovely Curly Bangs


Flaunt your natural hair texture and embellish it with lovely curly bangs. Notice how the movement and volume both accent the highlights on these golden bronde locks. This jaw-length curly hair requires a trim every 8-10 weeks to maintain the shape.

Q&A with style creator, Aaron Scott Lacy
Artist & Educator @ theFactory in San Diego, CA

How would you describe this?

This is a short layered haircut inspired by Meg Ryan’s shag haircut in the 90’s and designed for wavy curly texture. I love that this curly cut has a fun playful aesthetic.

What’s your best advice?

This suits women who want an intentional disheveled look by maintaining length to play with, and not cropping down to the length of a pixie.

Since the curly bangs and overall haircut were approached technically, you’ll have the freedom to make minor variations day to day based on your natural hair texture.

Curly Pixie


Here’s a curly pixie cut to celebrate curly-haired girls! It’s a chop that creates a stunning payoff on natural curls. When styling it, use a diffuser to enhance the cut, adding more volume and definition.

Curly Side-Swept Bangs


Q&A with style creator, Master Stylist Tiffany Preto Hanright and Owner Sam Segretto
of Zazu Salon and Spa in Hinsdale, IL

How would you describe this?

This is a mod pixie with side bangs. It is left short with longer wavy tendrils on the sides. It’s a wash and wear style which we love, and it’s easy to take care of it.

What’s your best advice?

Any hair type can be cut into this shape from thin, thick, curly, or wavy. The ideal face shape for this cut is oval. The beauty of this short curly hair cut is that you can alter the length on sides to detract or complement other face shapes. This curly cut can be air-dried or diffused, and it’s an effortless wash-and-go style.

Modern Short and Curly Hair


This modern short and curly hair is for women who are proud to show off their natural texture. It’s also the best style to add emphasis to fresh highlights. In total, it’s a short curly hairstyle that gives a bolder edge. For a proper care routine, opt for products that offer intense moisture as curls can be prone to dryness.

The Curly Lob


Bob cuts are for women with all hair types and textures! Create inspiration with this dark curly lob. Strands at the front are touching the shoulders for a subtle framing effect around the face. A curl mousse at the root, curl cream, and style cream on the ends all do magic. Apply these products, and finish the look with a softer and touchable result.

Naturally Curly Angled Bob


Show off your naturally curly hair with this jaw-length chop that will make your tresses fuller-looking. The luscious ginger color also suits you and your cool skin tone. Use a styling cream to add tons of volume and definition to your locks.

The Curly Inverted Bob


Wear the curly inverted bob when wanting something bold and alluring. This short haircut takes minimal effort and time to make it look good. It’s carefree, playful, and low-maintenance. Short curly haircuts like this work best on oval-ish or longer face shapes. Women who are fun and don’t mind looking a little tousled can pull this off!

Pretty Curly Hair with Bangs


The pretty curly hair with bangs is a 50s-inspired bob. Opt for this short curly hair to enhance natural texture. When drying such tresses, use a diffuser to secure more volume and definition. Be mindful that to maintain its rounded shape, regular trims are a must.

Disconnected Curly Pixie Cut

Cherise Alexander / Instagram

Q&A with style creator, Cherise Alexander
Stylist @ Immortal Beloved in Washington, D.C.

How would you describe this?

This is a disconnected pixie. This style of short curly hair requires little styling to look fabulous.Is one of our favorite short hairstyles.

What’s your best advice?

Use a curl cream or curl gel-like Oribe’s Curl Control Silkening Creme or Oribe’s Curl Gloss. Short natural curly hair is best air-dried, but can also be diffused on high heat/low intensity.

Women with naturally curly hair see the best results, but women with straighter hair can achieve this using a product that has texture and hold.

Be prepared to get regular touch-ups with this cut! You won’t have to do much styling daily, but you will need to maintain this hairstyle with regular salon visits.

Short Curly Bob for Women Over 50


This is a short curly bob for women over 50. It’s gorgeous and won’t allow the hair to appear lifeless. This short curly cut is ideal for a lady with thick locks and a lot of texture. To style short curly hair, use Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam by DevaCurl to boost its texture.

Short Tight Curls


These curls look soft and bouncy! You can’t deny how fun and exciting to try these short tight curls. This cut works great on dark tresses with hints of a light brown shade that brings out an added brightness. Don’t forget to only dry your curls with a diffuser to keep them intact.

Choppy Curls with Long Bangs for Round Face Shapes


These choppy curls with long bangs for round face shapes are whimsical! The chop is the perfect short wavy haircut for women with a chubby face or round faces. The long bangs frame the face, giving it a narrower appearance. Talk to your stylist about cutting each curl without tension, so it looks effortless.

Short-to-Medium Curly Cut


This is a short-to-medium curly cut that will show off your natural hair texture. Get this chop, and it’ll look sexy on your shiny, black locks.

Messy Short Curly Cut with Undercut


Q&A with style creator, Gypsy Kiss Sturgeon
Senior Hair Artist @ Citrus Hair Salon in Yaletown, Vancouver, B.C.

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This is a short curly haircut It is a customized asymmetrical and detailed messy undercut. It has versatility due to the undercut and the customized sideburn curl on the right side.

What’s your best advice?

Using a 1/2 inch wand, spot create some perfectly unruly curls. To finish, scrunch in and perfect with a cocktail of a small amount of Kevin Murphy’s Un.Dressed fibre paste and Davines’ This Is An Oil Non Oil. Use the Un.Dressed alone to perfect the sideburn piece as desired.

This cut is for women that have thick and curly hair and enjoy a slightly more edgy and versatile look. This messy undercut is also for women who are able to execute a four to six week haircut maintenance regime.

Jaw-Length Curly Layered Bob


The key to shape bouncy-looking hair lies in the layers. Notice how this jaw-length curly layered bob makes a great hairstyle that’s full of life. With light brown highlights on black tresses, the texture is sure to emphasize even more.

Curly Cropped Cut


Here’s a charming curly cropped cut that will give your hair texture the new zest it needs. The brown hue and those defined curls create a softer and fresher vibe. When styling this cut, a sea salt spray will enhance your tresses for extra flair.

Curly TWA for Black Women


Feel the breeze on your neck and opt for such a freeing haircut. This black curly TWA for black women gives off  a dazzling and powerful impression that’s inspiring. Knowing that this curly cut is easy to maintain and style, you gotta love wearing it for some months.

Curly Ringlets Shag


A hairstyle that you can pull off either on casual or formal events! Class up this beautiful curly ringlets shag with painted highlights for added shimmer. By using the best hydrating hair products, your curls will keep looking shiny and healthy.

Sweet Short Haircut for Curly Hair


This sweet short haircut for curly hair has a classy, modern finish. This cut is perfect for women who want a gorgeous short hairstyle for curly hair. Notice how this curly hairdo offers sophistication with an edge. Feel free to use a wave foam to plump up those rockin’ curls.

Q&A with style creator, Esther Itterly
Hair Stylist @ Hair by Esther in New York, NY

How would you describe this?

This sweet short haircut for curly hair has a ton of versatility. For women looking to have a longer pixie cut before committing to a shorter shape this is a great option. If you’ve started the process of growing out a curly pixie, keep this photo handy. Your stylist may want to see it during any awkward phases for a clean up on the shape.

What’s your best advice?

This pixie haircut would be great for wavy to curly hair types. Since it’s longer on the sides and top you can use hair clips to dress it up/ pull it back or add a hat for a stylish vibe!

Short and Curled for Thin Hair


Short and curled for thin hair haircuts stirs up a style that screams elegance! It grows out beautifully and is easy to jazz up. The super short length of cut can make fine tresses appear fuller and thicker. Keep the short curls moisturized for a more defined outcome.

Short Shaggy Curls


Short shaggy curls are perfect for tresses that have effortless texture and movement. The shag cut is one thing that can boost the hair’s natural shape. This hairstyle is very stylish, especially with blonde highlights for added brightness. Guaranteed—it matches a fun-loving attitude!

Short Thick Curls


These short thick curls are great to show off the hair’s fullness and volume. The style looks alluring and creates a bolder effect.

Cute Tight Ringlets on Short Hair


Put a whole different definition to springy with a crown of lovely coils. Perfectly partnered with a pixie cut, twirled tresses can be of various lengths to create a fuller look. Cute tight ringlets look great on women with a round face.