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The 21 Cutest Examples of Naturally Curly Hair with Bangs

Cute Curly Pixie Cut with Bangs


This angled curly pixie cut with long bangs is super cute. What makes this style work is all the texture added to the hair. It’s a cute way to wear bangs for a short pixie curly hair.

Short Curly Faux Hawk


The short curly faux hawk has the top of the head with a greater volume of hair while the sides and back are shorter. The sides can be shaved or not.

Afro-Textured Bangs


Afro-textured bangs look fabulous on either long or short hair. Adding in curly bangs allows for even more volume all around. This hairstyle never goes out of style.

Choppy Ringlets


Choppy ringlets are all about illusion and look stunning on many face shapes given that it is styled correctly. Oval face shapes are extremely versatile, round faces should go for a side-swept bang and square faces can go for a heavier, forward bang. All curly bangs look stunning from wavy to choppy ringlets.

Half-Up Curly Hair with a Fringe


Half-up curly hair with a fringe is the ultimate way to show off natural curls. A popular fringe technique is called a “cascade” and it looks better on ladies with thin curly hair as it creates extra volume and bounce.

Choppy Bangs on Curly Hair


Choppy bangs on curly hair are suited for those who want to soften their face with their hair. Ask your stylist to cut tendrils around your forehead. Keep in mind, curly hair shrinks up, you might want to cut them longer. Minimal layers are the key to keep your spirals smart-looking. Allow your curls to air dry with gel.

Inspiring Curly Long Bangs


Curly long bangs are a stylish approach to curly hairstyles. The overall arrangement definitely gives off nostalgic vibes for curly locks.

Curly Bob with Spirals and Bangs


Bangs with curly hair look good on a curly long bob (lob). Complement your oval face with a gorgeously voluminous shoulder-length cut and short curly bangs of your dreams. No need to tame your coils when they’re as fabulous as these!

Exceptional Curly Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs on curly hair is a cute way to wear bangs, as they are face-framing and flattering to a round face shape.

The wavy fringe works perfectly on any woman wanting to balance out a larger forehead while still keeping the face open enough to highlight other features, such as eyes and cheekbones.

The Prettiest Curly Bob with Bangs


Curly hairstyles with bangs like this curly lob are trending this year! These are the ultimate modern fro-ringlets. Its modern round shape of a curly bob with bangs is soft and the heavy bang frames the face perfectly.

The shape of this haircut is perfect for ladies who are wondering what to do with bangs, who love volume, and want to experience having them curled.

Hairlines are the biggest factor when determining how short curly-haired bangs should be cut.

Using a moisturizing gel or styling creme will add tons of volume and hold adding shape and definition to the curl.

Always remember to dry hair with a diffuser. It will always give your natural curls maximum volume and give you the perfect finished look.

Short Curly Hair with Brow-Skimming Bangs


Short curly hair with brow-skimming bangs gives hair a bouncy finish and a livelier vibe. What a great hair idea! It makes a beautiful curly style for lovelies who want to show off their natural texture. This short curly hair with bangs has layers that keep the chop in the most flattering shape possible.

A Fabulous Curly Ponytail with Long Bangs


If you’ve got long curly hair with bangs, then there is nothing prettier than a striking textured ponytail made into a low bun updo complemented with flirty curly side bangs. Plus, the highlights add to the definition and brightness of your naturally curly long hair.

Perfectly Layered Curls


Perfectly layered curls on dark hair create a chic and younger-looking hairstyle. These tight curls with fringe make the hair looking fun and bouncy. For a glossier finish, apply a shine spray all over the strands. And to keep the curly texture of the locks, dry the seamless layers and bangs using a diffuser.

Impressive Long Curly Hair with Fringe


Long curly hair with bangs and layered waves is super easy to style in the morning! Every girl has the right to feel pretty with bangs. Feel marvelous with this razor-cut shag combined with curly bangs on long hair and bring out the true you.

Magnificent Side Bangs


Magnificent side bangs and a side part can upgrade a short, naturally curly hairstyle. Curly side bangs with curly hair work together and create a rounded shape to flatter an oval or heart face.

Flattering Short Baby Bangs on Tight Curls


These flattering short baby bangs work like magic when paired with a curly hairstyle. Choose a curled haircut that’s layered a bit to allow more movement. The fringe provides extra details and freshness to the chop. Keep the bounce intact by drying the hair with a diffuser instead of a blow dryer.

Curly Locks with Superb Bangs


Looking for curly locks with superb bangs? This could be the one! By layering blunt bangs on curly hair, you have the option to wear them smooth or embrace its natural curl pattern. Combine blonde highlights and black tresses for a stunning, natural-looking dimension.

This hairstyle with superb bangs is a modern curly shag with natural curls. It was created by curly hair stylist Jarely of Orange City, FL.

If you’re considering this cut, Jarely suggests you learn how to style it flipped forward. “This will help to enhance the lift on the crown.”

Brunette Curly Bob with Bangs and Layers


A modern curly shag with bangs has lots of layers with tendril-y ends. It’s so satisfying that women are becoming more open to shapes that allow their natural curls to move! Regular shampoos deplete your hair of its natural moisture making hair frizzy, fluffy, and dull.

“This fantastic brunette curly bob with bangs is for women who love their natural texture,” says curly hair specialist Shannon Hollis of Austin, TX. “It’s sexy, messy, and unpredictable, which is true when you have such bangs. You can wear this style controlled and tame, or picked out for a larger, more dramatic feel.”

Any curly-haired girl can rock shorter layers and bangs. If you’re considering this style, Hollis recommends you consult with your stylist first. “And ideally, a stylist that specializes in curls. Curly bangs and shorter layers can be high-maintenance. This is due to the ever-changing nature of curls,” she adds.

Messy Curly Shag Style


This is permed curly hair with bangs on a mid-length cut to match the rest of the curl pattern, which was much curlier.

Stylists at the salon cut the bangs dry to make sure they achieve the shape you want for your fringe. When styling wispy curls on a curly cut with bangs like this one, use a diffuser to enhance the curl style.

Lovely Shoulder-Length Curly Hair


A brown curly shag with fringe is the focal point of the cut and eliminates the dreaded “triangle” shape that happens so often when curly hair lays heavy along the perimeter.

This haircut shifts the weight up, so that you gain volume on top, a lean silhouette along the bottom, and really open up the face.

Curls typically need moisture and hold, so don’t shy away from curly hair products.

For women with a wider face, get a longer fringe and a more narrow one.

Cute Bangs on Medium-Length Curls


Give these cute bangs on medium-length curls a go for a youthful-looking style! The haircut suits thick hair the most. Medium-length curly hair with bangs like this helps separate and release dense locks. The effect lets the kinks bounce freely. Achieve the shape by doing the dry cut technique.

For proper upkeep, use KM Motion Lotion for day two curls to revive and refine strands with frizz.