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The 35 Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Wavy Shoulder-Length Lob with Balayage Highlights


Ask for a wavy shoulder-length lob if you want to make your heavy locks feel lighter. The good thing is it’s also super flattering on most face shapes. Shoulder-length thick hair like this long bob can be made into a layered hairstyle or be kept one-length, depending on the movement you want or how sleek you like to wear it.

Opting for a little texture can add lift to your hair, which may be used to feeling weighed down. Balayage highlights also won’t hurt the entire result.

Medium Cut with Textured Layers


A medium cut with textured layers is a wonderful style to keep your hair healthy. This mid-length style removes split ends with your 6-8 week cuts. The textured layers are point cut and are very soft and sexy. A balayage would complement this cut tremendously.

Medium A-Line Lob for Coarse Hair


A medium A-Line lob for coarse hair is usually adopted by women with thin hair but in large quantities since it gives a heavier finish to the ends.

Collarbone-Grazing Lob with Layered Front


Consider a collarbone-grazing lob with a layered front for your new style. The soft angle around the face gives this cut its beauty. Keep in mind if you don’t have any wave in your hair you will have to use a curling iron to achieve it. If you do have a wave, blow-drying with a metal barrel round brush should give you some bounce.

Medium Dark Brown Lob


A medium-dark brown lob is a fabulous choice if you just need a change from long, lifeless hair. A blunt cut with very minimal layering grows out easily and gives you a super chic look. Any age group can pull this beautiful style off.

Mid-Length Swoopy Face-Framing Layers


Mid-length swoopy face-framing layers and a middle part is trending now. To style this cut, a round brush and curling iron should be used to softly move the hair away from the face. Maintenance is easy because the longer bangs will not grow out fast.

Layered Lob with Razored Layers


If your looking for a well blended cut, a layered lob with razored layers would be a good choice. Using a razor to cut the hair softens the ends and makes the layers almost invisible. Medium thick hair works well for a long bob (lob) cut.

Medium Cut for Women Over 40 with a Beige Blonde Color


Feathered layering can do wonders for haircuts for thick hair of medium-length, as it balances it out by taking away the bulk. Such a feathered medium haircut looks great on older women, for sure.

Medium Wavy Hairstyle With Deep Side Part


Medium-length haircuts with a deep side part are great for women with thick hair. Ask for a tapered or textured haircut to remove bulk weight so that the hair looks airy and light. Sometimes layers can make a medium textured haircut look choppy and motionless. Finish with straight blowout and a deep side part to create effortless volume.

Shoulder-Length Cut for Thick Wavy Hair


A wavy shoulder-length cut for thick hair is the perfect way to go shorter without worrying about too much volume building up. Thicker-haired ladies tend to worry about going shorter. The shorter they go, the more triangular and widening their hair may become. Yet, shoulder-length hairstyles for thick wavy hair can be a great way to keep the weight at bay.

Angled Bob Cut for Medium Thick Hair


Opt for an angled bob cut for medium-thick hair for a super sleek blunt look. The mid-length angled bob keeps all the fullness in the baseline, letting the weight of your hair stay smooth and flat for a sharp appearance.

Textured Shoulder-Length Wavy Layered Haircut


Go shaggy with this heavily layered shoulder-length cut with choppy ends and a trendy ombre! This medium wavy hair has lots of movement and the bangs add to the volume. For ladies with natural curls or waves, keeping the length at or beyond the shoulders will enhance the texture.

Heavy Choppy Layers for Thick Hair


Heavy choppy layers for thick hair allow lots of movement to heavy hair, keeping a softer feel to the ends. Trendy medium-length hair styles for thick hair need layers with balance, so when taking the layers shorter, adding choppiness keeps them textured rather than bulky.

Mid-Length Shaggy Haircut on Curly Brunette Locks


Elevate your brunette hair color with one of these effortless medium curly hairstyles for thick hair. It’s super casual and fun. This medium brown hair on a shoulder-length shaggy cut truly has lots of razored layers going on here!

Messy Asymmetrical Lob on Side-Parted Medium-Length Hair


Wearing your hair side-parted with this messy asymmetrical lob is one of the easiest medium haircuts for thick hair to style! It’s a really smart and edgy look to try if you’re a low-maintenance type of gal.

The blonde ombre with dark natural roots, medium-length waves, and the choppy angled ends all contribute to how gorgeous this layered lob is!

Long Thick Layers on a Hairstyle for Medium Hair


This medium hairstyle is a bob with soft face-framing layers, perfect for straight hair. Simple yet classy. “I just love the way the subtle balayage showcases the texture and movement of the cut,” says hair artist and style creator Lindsay Accomando of Roanoke, VA.

“I think curtain bangs/soft face-framing is flattering on all face shapes if customized properly. Medium thick hair with front layers create a diamond shape, which cuts off bold features and focuses on the eyes and the lips,” she adds.

Medium-Length Layered Bob


This medium-length layered bob with blonde highlights was created by hair artist Carrie Miller Murtaugh of Navarre, OH. “Gorgeous medium hairstyles for thick hair will often focus on layers,” states Murtaugh.

“This look does require some styling, so it’s best to use a round brush to blow it out. Then use a flat iron to create loose waves,” she advises.

Shoulder-Grazing Cut for Thick Beachy Waves


“This hair is a shoulder-length blunt cut with internal graduations, and the finishing was done with the Babyliss, creating a beachy and stripped style,” explains Josi Fidelis, hairstylist and style creator from Camaragibe, PE.

This is the perfect look for women looking for low-maintenance shoulder-length tousled hair. This timeless hair matches oval and round faces.

Thick V-Cut Shape


This is a medium hairstyle with v-cut layers. “@hairtalkusa extensions were added to this hairstyle to create the V-shaped cut,” explains stylist Emily Kaczur of West Palm Beach, FL.

“Adding a few pieces of extensions to create the hair design you desire is a great way to have a new hair look,” she adds.

Layered U-Cut for Thick-Haired Women


If you have a lot of hair, a layered u-cut for thick-haired women is for you. The layers remove bulk so you have some swing. The beautiful u-shape gives back some interest to this medium haircut. All this and you can still pull it up.

Layered Cut for Wavy Mid-Length Hair


A layered cut for mid-length hair works wonders on thicker hair. Medium-thick hair reduces the weight and lifts the tresses up. The layers are able to flow a little lighter and look great a little more textured, too.

Chopped Lob Haircut for Thick Hair


This medium-length hair style gives you more movement and texture. Hairstylist and style creator Melissa Sikora of Wakefield, MA explains her method of achieving this style.

“Some dry cutting and texturizing were done once the hair was dry. I used a 1 1/2 inch curling iron to give her hair a bend and finished with KMS Dry Wax texture spray. We also maintain the smooth, frizz-free manageability of her locks with an express keratin treatment every 3 months.”

This is one of the best medium-length hairstyles for thick hair for versatility. It’s definitely one of the most popular cuts. There are certain aspects of it that can be customized to be better for thick hair like adding shorter layers, bangs to complement face shape or more textured ends.

“The best advice I could give to women is to not wash their hair every day! Dry shampoo is a must! If you haven’t found one you love yet, ask your stylist for a recommendation suited for your hair type,” adds Sikora.

Textured Medium Shag Hairstyle for Thick Hair


“I decided on this medium-length shag haircut for one good reason,” explains celebrity hairstylist and style creator Tanya Quintero Abriol of Pasadena, CA. “She has curly hair, so the layers really complement her when she wears it natural.”

The number one thing for shoulder-length hairstyles for thick hair is that they will absolutely need product.

Tanya recommends some of her favorites, “one of my ‘go to’s is a leave-in conditioner. Consider Bumble and Bumbles invisible oil primer, as it’s awesome and great for maintaining moisture. Followed by a foam wrap lotion, it’s for women who have texture in their hair. Of course, there are different holds, Kera Care, Mazani, & Shea Moisture are all brands that carry this.”

Ideal For Thick Curly Hair


This thick curly hair was created by stylist Bella Frada of London, ON. This medium-length hairstyle is for women who have embraced their naturally thick curls and are committed to curly hair.

“We shaped her curls in a way to make them stand out from the crowd and updated with a fashion color to make a bit of pop,” says Frada.

It’s low-maintenance and very easy to manage and refresh in the morning before you head out for your work day. The dark red tone with copper subtle highlights is a plus, which is suitable for the fall season.

Mid-Length Cut for Women Over 50 with Thick Hair


“This is a great mid-length layered cut for women over 50 with medium-thick hair,” says style creator Jennifer Olivas, a hairstylist and salon owner in Denver, CO.

It has tons of movement in the interior while maintaining a stronger shape on the bottom. This style is perfect for a woman who is growing out a stacked bob or women who would like to add some life and fun to their shoulder-length hair. This cut works for all hair types but really shines on medium to coarse hair.

“Styling this haircut for thick hair can be done with a round brush, large barrel curling iron, or flatiron,” adds Olivas. “My products of choice for this look are mousse for volume, blow-dry cream with a light hold on the midshaft to ends for the body, and a paste or pomade to piece out the layers after heat styling. You can finish with a light-hold hairspray if desired.”

Medium to Long Face-Framing Layers


This medium to long cut is a shaggy layered haircut with a slight A-line perimeter. It was created by Sonia Yarkhani, a hairstylist and salon owner in Toronto, ON.

She explains, “the cut was done to elongate the front of her hair while creating volume and width around her hair. The soft waves add texture and bring the layers to life.”

This haircut is great for women who don’t want to go to a bob length but can’t handle the super long hairstyles. This works best on women who have a medium to thick density. It can work with a lot of face shapes because the A-line perimeter helps to elongate and the shaggy concave layering can create width and volume.

Products you should consider for this style are a beach texture spray to add volume and movement, and a dry texture spray to finish the hairstyle.

Collarbone-Length Inverted Lob


This collarbone-length inverted bob cut with a rooted platinum blonde hue was created by stylist Maria Papadopoulou of Bryn Mawr, PA.

“Your hair can be thick, thin, curly, or straight, and it works,” she explains. “You can do this look shorter, medium, or into an inverted lob, which is a longer bob. It’s extremely trendy and not something that really ever goes out of style.”

For styling, Maria uses her brand of products called Koukla by Maria. “This collarbone-cut for thick hair is great with a mousse (Aphrodite Argan Mousse) and a sticky texturizing paste-like (Apollo spiking paste). Finish it off with a shine spray (Athena shine spray),” she states.

Medium Layers for Thick Hair


Go for medium layers for thick hair if you want to remove weight from the perimeter, to avoid the length looking too triangular. Layering the medium-length hairstyle will help soften the length, adding a soft movement without adding extra width to already full hair.

Feathered Layers for Thick Hair


Feathered layers for thick hair are a great option that gives you an airy feel that has a weightless flow. This medium hairstyle with layered ends removes heaviness from the hair. The feathered layers are great to keep a light feel to them. Ladies with thick strands sometimes feel that layers can still be a little clunky, so discuss with your stylist about feathering the layers that are most suitable for your texture.

Perfect for Straight Thick Hair


A medium-length is perfect for straight thick hair as it’s the right balance between long hair being dragged down and a short bob becoming too wide. A shoulder-length cut for thick hair can be kept one length. It can also have some invisible layers or texture through the ends to give the hair some swing.

Medium-Length Blunt Bob Cut for Thick Hair


This thick shoulder-length hair with a dark brown color was created by hairstylist Zoe Alexander of Nashville, TN.

“This cut is a slightly angled bob with minimal layering. If you have very thick hair ask your stylist to debulk and remove some weight so that you’re able to better style at home,” says Alexander.

“How I personally styled this was I blew her hair out smooth until 100% dry and curled her hair with my R Session flat iron. Then, I curled all pieces away from the face. Let the curls cool so they can set, then once cool, add a puff of Aveda #shampure dry shampoo to help waves last longer,” she explains.

Please keep in mind that with this look you may also have to debulk and take weight out so styling will be manageable. Again, this depends on the thickness of your hair.

Thick Medium Haircut for Round Faces


A great option for a thick medium haircut for round faces is keeping the length below the shoulders and one length to elongate the face. While layered haircuts for thick hair are normally recommended, you can discuss with your stylist about removing weight from the hair without too much layering to maintain its structure.

Thicker Lob Cut


Opt for a thicker lob cut to maintain weight in your bob and embrace your fullness. A medium-length haircut for thick hair doesn’t need to have loads of layers or shaping, just a little softness around the perimeter of the length will balance out any weighty issues.

Voluminous Thick Shag Haircut with Bangs


Try a thick shag haircut with bangs for a lightweight, voluminous, and low-maintenance style. Mid-length thick locks have a tendency to weigh down the hair.

By adding shaggy layers, they lift the hair and start to take on its own texture. These make the hair lighter and the bangs softer. The extra bonus is that it shouldn’t need too much styling as the overall style should be a little disheveled and undone.

Blonde Medium Hairstyle for Wavy Thick Hair


This effortless beachy lob hairstyle for thick hair was created by stylist Sydney Templeton of Orange County, CA.

“If you want an effortless lived-in cut, then medium-length thick hairstyles like this are for you,” she explains. “It’s definitely for the low-maintenance woman who still wants to be on-trend. It works for mostly fine/medium hair types and can be built up with the right products such as dry shampoo and texture spray for a fuller look.”

To style haircuts for thick wavy hair, Templeton’s favorite dry shampoo to use is R+Co Death Valley dry shampoo. Her favorite texture spray is IGK beach club. “You will definitely get a great style with these two products together,” she states. Meanwhile, to keep the blonde highlights still vibrant, wash the hair with purple shampoo.