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14 Awesome Slicked Back Hairstyles Ideas for Guys

Wavy and Slicked Back Hairstyles Ideas for Guys


This slicked back wavy hair with neat sides and nape is the bomb! It features a classic, wet result that uplifts your good looks. To style loose slick back hair, first, comb your dark blonde hair back and let your natural texture do its magic.

High Fade Slick Back Style for Thin Hair with Receding Hairline


What else could be neater and finer than the short slicked back styles? Seeing your black hair in one direction seems flawless, which goes well with the clean sides and nape. This kind of high fade cut works on men with thin hair or a receding hairline.

Long Slicked Back


Running out of ideas on what to do to your long hair this time? A charismatic long slicked back hair, matched with a gray color plus a beard, will solve your problem. It isn’t the old school long-length hairstyles for men, but it has a modern twist. You can’t go wrong as you brush your hair to the back with subdued waves for styling.

Classic Slicked Back Hair with a Beard


Time to explore the dapperness of this slicked back style! A slick back with beard offers a classic finish. Having dark and dense hair puts emphasis on your entire style. When styling, towel dry your damp hair to have a clean canvass before working with a gel or pomade.

Hipster Slicked Back Style


It takes a pretty bold and stylish move to achieve this slicked back hipster style. Shave three lines from each of your sideburns and style your hair over the head with subtle volume and texture. This hipster style is the slicked back look you should get to follow the trend and upgrade your brown hair.

Thick Slicked Back Hair


A thick, slicked-back hair fades very smoothly. The shaved sides and nape would work well with a beard, too. Do it on your black hair to flatter your fair skin tone.

Slicked Back Undercut with Longer Hair on Top


This slicked back undercut is so in style! It suits you, especially when you have dark, thick hair for a fuller edge. Notice the visible contrast that separates the longer hair on top and the neat cut on both sides behind the ears. A good pomade and enough amount of hairspray will hold the style together throughout the day.

Straight Short Slicked Back Hair


There’s always something attractive about dark, straight slicked back hairstyles. This classic style has a finish that looks flawless, and ideal for dense hair.

Slicked Back Hairstyles Ideas for Guys + Skin Fade


Brushing and pushing your hair back is a neat slicked back Hairstyles Ideas for Guys. But what happens if you match this hair trend with a sharp fade? This skin fade on slicked back hairstyle is sure to beef up your fine, bronde hair.

The Gangster Slick Look Hairstyles Ideas for Guys


How cool is this slicked back haircut? The gangster slicked back look is a statement in itself with those shaved lines on the sides. The slick back, dark hair on top doesn’t always need to be flat. Resembling a pompadour style can make a huge difference.

Slicked Back Taper Fade on Medium-Length Hairstyles Ideas for Guys


A slicked back haircut with a fade is considered simple but needs to be striking, as well. Here’s a slicked back with taper fade haircut, jazzed up with a soft texture to complement your brown hair color. Though you have mid-length hair, the sharp fade cut will make it look extra neat.

The Volume Effect for Slicked Back Hairstyles Ideas for Guys


Slicked back hair styled with volume and texture is so much better. With medium-length, dark brown hair on top, and neat sides, you can achieve this slicked back trend without a hitch. The styling process may take some time in front of the mirror, but the volume effect will gladly repay you.

Natural Slicked Back Bun with Disconnected Undercut


A natural slicked-back bun with a disconnected undercut is a cool hairstyle, done in a snap. It takes a little to no effort to achieve that sleek finish of slicked back hair for men. Man buns are perfect for guys who still want a neat style without chopping off their hair length.

Messy Slicked Back ‘Do + Curly Hairstyles Ideas for Guys


This curly slicked back style will allow you to embrace your natural hair texture. Like your usual messy look, this messy slicked back hairstyle on curly hair offers the same stylishness, but in a neater form. Be sure that your sides and nape are faded to emphasize your textured brown slicked-back hair on top.