The Vintage Bangs Trend You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2024

Every girl seems to have a bang-specific horror story in the archives, whether it took place in kindergarten or junior high, whether it was coerced or not. (We’re looking at you, Mom.) For me, it was fifth grade. My best friend cut them in her bathroom, and I’ll take that school picture to the grave.

But against all odds, bangs of all lengths have made their way back to us. It started slow with barely-there wisps, and then suddenly we were in full-fledge fringe-dom. Now we’ve caught wind that a certain bang trend is gearing up to be even bigger this coming year, and it shows that you certainly don’t have to be long to pack a punch. Say hello to cropped bangs.

Cropped Bangs Trend 2019

Above-the-brow bangs are still getting pinned like crazy on Pinterest heading into 2020, and you might remember certain “It girls” like Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn rocking these decades ago. Well baby, they’re back. Whatever you want to call this bang trend—baby bangs, cropped bangs, or mini fringe—it’s coming in hot for 2020.

Grazing the forehead, these bangs are short. We’re talking really short. Settling somewhere much higher than the brow bone, this bang style makes long curtained fringe look like a gateway drug to real bangs. While cropped bangs can’t be clipped back and aren’t necessarily wash-and-go, the doll-like fringe certainly does grow on you, the more you look at it.

For those with straight hair, a set of blunt baby bangs will look dainty and polished. For those with waves and curls, cropped bangs can give major texture atop the forehead department. Either way, you’ll be making a statement that says “I’m not flying under the radar anymore, Nance!”

This unexpected hair trend previously only really penetrated deep within Hollywood by way of celebrities like Emma Watson and Rooney Mara, but now it has officially gone mainstream. All we can say is, lucky us…?