Twilighting Is the New Low-Maintenance Hair Color for Brunettes

Honey Caramel

We’re suckers for a hair color trend with a jazzy name—Peach cobbler hair? Where do we sign up?—but when it also delivers in both looks and maintenance, we’re officially impressed. And that’s exactly the sweet spot that twilighting hair color tries to hit: pretty, low maintenance, and a name that fancies us intrigued.

Twilighting brightens your natural brunette base color using subtle shades like caramel, gold, bronze, and even warm chocolate to get a natural result. By staying two to three shades within your natural color (and focusing around your face!), you minimize your hair’s exposure to bleach, while still looking like you spent plenty of time marinating in tin foil. Win-win.

“It grows out seamlessly,” says Kate Reid, Global Design Director at COLOR.ME by Kevin Murphy. “Clients can retouch their hair every 12 to 16 weeks, which makes it very wearable and affordable.”

Here are 10 twilighting ideas to show your colorist.

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Sunlit Brown

Sunlit Brown

This hair color shows off twilighting in action. Focus warm, sunny shades (only 2 to 3 shades lighter than your base!) on the money pieces around your face and on your ends.

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Sun-Kissed Caramel

Sunkissed Caramel

A sunset has nothing on this sun-kissed brunette shade. Subtle balayage makes sure the lighter color blends seamlessly with your base color. It’s a sight to behold.

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Honey Gold Touches

Golden Curls

As if curls needed any more personality. Brush golden honey color all over those ringlets, and you’re set for months. Easy and stunning.

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Baby Chocolate

Burnt Caramel

Only slightly lighter than her natural chocolate brown, this toasty hair color delivers major fun without any commitment.

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Butter Gold Balayage

Gold Balayage

You can’t beat classic gold balayage—oh wait, making sure it will last at least four months? Consider it beaten.

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Gold Babylights

Gold Babylights

Twilighting is all about using balayage and babylights to create a lit-from-within look. Those golden babylights? Lit. From. Within.

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Bronze Melt

Bronze Melt

Twilighting doesn’t always have to be muted. This all-over bronzed caramel color is the perfect example.

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Frosted Brunette

Frosted Brunette

Mocha brown gals can get in on the fun, too. Add low-key frosty bronze balayage to up the ante without making a big commitment.

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Tawny Touches

Tawny Touches

Keep things at the most low-maintenance levels possible with smooth, tawny touches of hair color that frame your face.

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Honey Caramel

Honey Caramel

Instant warmth, coming right up. Honey-tinged caramel takes chocolate brown hair to the next level.