23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas

Middle Part Chin-Length Waves

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


Middle part chin-length waves work on most casual days. This style is easy to replicate as long as you have a naturally wavy texture. It’s vital to enhance the curls with any heat-styling tool if needed. Volumized waves are an excellent choice. They add a soft movement to locks.

Modern Chin-Length Bob

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


Pull off a modern chin-length bob and look classy everytime! This hair trend is an all-time favorite that suits most women. It’s fun and easy to style, plus it grows out so pretty. The chop features shorter layers at the back to boost a very fine hair texture.

Slightly Angled Bob Haircut

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas @j_stuteville.designs

Q&A with style creator, Jamie Leigh
Hair & Make-up Artist @ Everland Hair Studio in Solsberry, IN

How would you describe this look?

This chin-length haircut a short and slightly angled bob haircut. It’s cut at an angle so that the nape area is roughly an inch shorter than the front length. I’ve given her textured layers for movement and to lighten up her bulky heavy hair.

My favorite thing about this cut is that it’s flattering for all ages and can be adjusted for any face shape. It generally keeps its shape for up to three months, making it a go-to for busy women on the go.

Any advice for someone considering it?

A consultation is always needed to know which adjustments should be made. Perhaps for an edgier look, the angle could be steeper. You could stack or graduate the nape area for added shape. Shorter layers or bangs can be cut for more volume, larger foreheads, or this basic shape can be left without layers for thin and fine hair.

It’s versatile to style and easily made sleek and straight. It can be waved with a curling wand or curled with a one-inch barrel iron. The length in the front is usually left long enough to pull back so it’s out of your face if you want to work out.

My favorite styling products for shorter & finer hair are BIG SEXY Root Boost and Spray Clay Texturizer. For wavy hair, use a light gloss to smooth the hair shaft and eliminate frizz, then a spray of AG Sea Salt Spray for beachy texture. For thicker bulky hair, my two faves are Biosilk Coconut Therapy and BIG SEXY Love Oil cocktailed with AG Recoil and Totaled Lightly (left to air dry).

Small bobby pins and barrettes are a great accessory for this cut and a sunkissed balayage is a perfect color compliment.

Chin-Length Blunt Cut

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


Opt for a chin-length blunt cut if you have thin, fine hair. The length offers fullness, creating a thicker illusion. Style the tresses with waves to soften the bluntness of the cut. Notice how the movement can also carry out a more glamorous finish.

Asymmetrical Cut

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


The asymmetrical cut is for ladies who have an oval or round face shape. This chop has a perimeter that helps the jawline become accentuated. With a natural black shade, this chin-length haircut makes thin hair look fuller. For a more polished result, curling in the ends will do.

Deep Side Part

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


Add a deep side part to chin-length hair to give your face a flattering angle. It’s a great cut to choose in case you have fine tresses that need extra volume at the roots. This haircut can be beneficial for women with a round face shape.

Chin-Length Textured Bob

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas @nature_girl_hair

Q&A with style creator, Chelsea Baert
Hairstylist @ Denny Kemp Salon & Spa in Minneapolis, MN

How would you describe this look?

The look is a chin-length bob and is only the slightest bit longer right by the face. The length of the hair sits right under the chin and above the shoulders, which is a wonderful spot for her face shape and neck length because it creates space between her shoulder and jawline.

This is a super easy and wearable style that does not take much effort at all. You can wear it textured and natural or blown out and sleek. Both take minimal style time.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This is a style that requires some styling. It’s not high maintence by any means, but effort is required whether it be using a scrunch in product for a textured look or a simple blow dry and curl. It’s not wake up and go kind of hairstyle.

Straight Chin-Length Hair

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas @hollysharpe.hair

Q&A with style creator, Holly Sharpe
Senior Stylist @ B’Me Hair Salon and Academy in North Lakes, QLD

How would you describe this look?

This chin-length hair is a classic bob, but with the extremely blunt finish. The highlights keep this hard working lady more conservative, but when you have such a statement haircut, soft highlights are all you need!

My favorite thing about this hairstyle is that it is a statement in itself and as a hairdresser, the haircut is technically perfect! This look is amazing for any woman wanting a haircut that is easy maintenance yet gives them a striking look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is great for someone with a thinner/narrow, oval, or heart face shape. When hair is cut to chin-length it accentuates the lower area of the face.

This client has relatively straight, thick hair that is fine in texture. When I styled, I used Marrakesh X Spray for my leave-in moisturizer. After I blow dried, I straightened to give that sharp finish.

The curlier your hair is the more styling you will have to do to achieve this look. This look is also gorgeous with a soft natural wave, so wash and wear is always an option for the gal on the go.

Graduated to the Chin

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


A haircut, graduated to the chin, makes a soft look that’s perfect for very feminine women. This short chop creates a fuller-looking finish to benefit thin, fine tresses. The length is also suitable for ladies who have an oval face shape. It looks effortless and pretty!

Chin-Length Cut with Bangs

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


This is a chin-length cut with bangs that’s full of charisma! This haircut will give your locks new life. It spices up the hair, preventing it from appearing boring. Always moisturize the curls if possible for a bouncy result.

Angled Chin-Length Haircut

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


An angled chin-length haircut works on both thick and thin hair. Such a chop is shorter at the back and gets longer near the front. It can provide fine tresses a bulky effect to look fuller. The haircut can also remove weight by adding more layers around the head.

The Short Choppy Bob

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas @amos.studio

Q&A with style creator, Amy Miller
Licensed Cosmetologist / Owner @ AMOS Studio in San Jose, CA

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

This chin-length short, choppy bob has lots of texture and movement. I love that this style shows off highlights well and is quick to style.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

To get this chin-length hairstyle, start with a heat protectant like Oway’s Thermal Protect, then add a volumizer to help hold the wave. If the hair type tends to frizz up, I’ll also use a smoothing serum and finish with a light hold hairspray.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

This style is perfect for clients with naturally wavy hair short hair, or those who are hot tool savvy. It looks best on oval or narrow face shapes.

Chin-Length Layers

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


Get chin-length layers for added movement and texture. This haircut benefits ladies with an ashy blonde balayage. The dimension is sure to get emphasized with this kind of wavy style. Hair ends are thinner and textured to suit thick tresses. If you’re looking for a new look to wear that’s easy to style, here you go!

The Curly Deva Cut

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


The curly deva cut is a technique of cutting the curls when dry. It requires removing pesky ends to tame the hair texture. This kind of haircut isn’t for everyone. It works so much better on coils or kinks, giving hair a good shape and volume.

Chin-Length Texture for Thin Hair

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


A chin-length texture for thin hair looks gorgeous and alluring! The tousled effect helps the tresses to appear thicker than they are. This chin-length haircut for thin hair works well on a blonde balayage, too. The result? Creamy and radiant!

Flattering Cut for Women Over 50

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


This is such a flattering short cut for women over 50! It’s a chin-length crop in a very sleek style. For a more youthful finish, add a shade of blonde. It won’t hurt the outcome.

Chin-Length Cut for Fine Hair

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


Here’s a classic chin-length cut for fine hair. This is a blunt bob that never goes out of style. The length is perfect if you want to feel the breeze on your neck without committing to an edgy pixie cut. It’s always a great idea to paint the tresses with a bright blonde hue. The color is what will grant a fresher vibe to it.

Edgy Chin-Length Undercut

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


Here’s an edgy chin-length undercut, offering a too-cool-for-school vibe! Get the style by shaving one side clean. If your hair is thick, this chop will remove lots of weight from it. It creates roundness to keep the fullness of the tresses.

The Chin-Length Shag Cut

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


Play with the chin-length shag cut by pairing it with middle-parted bangs. A hairstyle like this requires a specific density of hair. For beauties with thick tresses, this is perfect! When styling, jazz it up with soft waves. That’s how you achieve effortless beauty.

Modern Crop for Older Women

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


This is a modern crop for older women. It makes a great option for those who are looking for a haircut that’s easy to manipulate. What makes this so youthful is the added bangs swept to the side. The fringe is sure to add movement to such a modern chin-length crop cut.

Layered Chin-Length Cut for Thick Hair

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


Here’s a lovely layered chin-length cut for thick hair. Shorter layers are added to the back area, creating a bulky shape. Style the hair with a bit of a texture, and see how it forms soft movement. This chop doesn’t only work for thick tresses but would also look stunning on straight locks.

The Short Beachy Wavy Cut

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


The short beach wavy cut, if paired with blonde, offers a lived-in vibe. It has a finish that looks so flattering on ladies with an oval face shape. If the hair is too fine and needs life, don’t hesitate to give it a side-parted style. That gives instant volume!

Q&A with style creator, Brittany Clark
Hair Stylist @ Lunatic Fringe Salon in Sharonville, OH

How would you describe this?

The short beachy wavy cut is a no layers chin length bob. No inversion, meaning it’s the same length all the way around, and not longer in the front like a traditional bob.

What’s your best advice?

This shape is for a slimmer, longer face to give width at the chin. Great products for this look are density mousse and texture spray! If you have finer hair this is a style you would need to style everyday to create the volume you need. Thicker hair could get away with just using a texture spray to give it a little messiness. This is cute straight and sleek or curly and messy!

Face-Framing Cut for Round Faces

23 Hottest Short, Chin-Length Hair Ideas


A face-framing cut for round faces makes a captivating result that’s hard not to notice. It’s way better when styled with waves. The movement can complement the softness and curve of a rounder face shape. Achieve this beauty by getting a chin-length cut and parting the hair in the middle. For extra dimension, a creamy blonde balayage does the job. The result appears so natural!