13 Boldest Short Spiky Hair Ideas for Women

    13 Boldest Short Spiky Hair Ideas for Women

    Choppy Cut for Over 50

    13 Boldest Short Spiky Hair Ideas for Women


    Pixies are all about texture! If you have fine, straight hair, this haircut gives you the texture and height you need.

    This cut is edgy and piecey but is still feminine and truly fits a similar personality.

    When considering a very short haircut for women over 50, be prepared to style every day, but the best part is that it takes minutes!

    If you want to avoid an old lady haircut and that’s easy for styling, this is your cut!

    The at-home secret to style this pixie is the messier, the better. Towel dry and apply KMS Thermashape Hot Flex Spray for heat protection. Once your hair is dry,  work KMS hair, play messing creme throughout and piece out your bangs for lived-in texture.

    Spiky Pixie for Older Women

    13 Boldest Short Spiky Hair Ideas for Women


    This really short spiky pixie for older women showcases that great hair transformation does not discriminate people. Stylist Val Vincent says she just did “a little natural sparkle enhancement” on this hair. Emphasizing the color white hair in the front to come up with a striking contrast is a genius idea. Now tell me who rocks the pixie haircut better than anyone else?

    Messy Short Hair

    13 Boldest Short Spiky Hair Ideas for Women


    Tapered cuts help achieve this messy, wild spiked-up pixie. Sleeker ends help create a sharper edge, which, along with the soft magenta hues, appear to be the most out-of-the-box look.

    Spiked Pixie Cut

    13 Boldest Short Spiky Hair Ideas for Women


    The hippest head-turner cut is in town! Get this mohawk-inspired short spiky hair by having a clean undercut on all sides and keeping the middle bunch thick and full. The pinkish hue adds all the attitude to this spiked pixie that is both cute and charismatic.

    A Very Short Piecey Cut

    13 Boldest Short Spiky Hair Ideas for Women


    Q&A with style creator, Bengie Candelario
    Barber @ Bengie Salon in Puerto Rico

    How would you describe this look?

    This cut is a fohawk which requires a lot of texture to remove weight. On the sides, it has what is called a skin fade. The most I like about this cut is the change from short to long.

    Any advice for someone considering it?

    It is a cut that involves a lot of maintenance. The hair must be textured enough. It can be done on any type of hair, and you can use the iron and the dryer. It is a very modern cut, and you have to be willing to undergo a change and make this or another type of cut.

    Spiked Pixie with Long Bangs

    13 Boldest Short Spiky Hair Ideas for Women


    Q&A with style creator, Rolan Fernandez
    Barber @ The Nobleman Barbershop in Wauwatosa, WI

    How would you describe this look?

    This look is a crop cut with length on top and design flowing with the texture on the side of the head.

    I’m all about texture and volume, and if you combine all of that with a nice line or design, it’s the perfect bomb! Obviously, my model has excellent hair, and that helps too. This piece was a collaboration with a makeup artist and photographer, so all that also helps to come out with this extraordinary hair creation.

    Any advice for someone considering it?

    As a barber, I deal with clients who want a modern look, but they only invest 5 minutes of the day on styling their hair. The advice I give to a client who is considering this look is to invest time in your hair (blow-dry) and use the right product.

    A really good haircut becomes great when you use the right product. Also, I show my clients how to style it and how to use the blow dryer and brush to get a great result. Also, line and design work look great, but don’t stay forever. You need to know that if you want the cut to look sharp in that area, you need to get a clean up every week. It’s a great look, but it will take more than 5 minutes to achieve.

    Feminine Layered Pixie

    13 Boldest Short Spiky Hair Ideas for Women


    Q&A with style creator, Kristen Kimball
    Stylist / Artist / Owner @ Kristen Marie LLC in Redwood City, CA

    How would you describe this look?

    I love this edgy pixie! Her natural color is quite dark, level 3, so we’ve done a fair amount of lifting here to get here a beautiful ice-y shade. The textured top gives her hair lift and dimension and is styled with a powdered texture wax to give it movement.

    My favorite thing about this look is the grow out – a little dark root and textured short shag will bring her back in, eventually, but can be enjoyed in the meanwhile.

    Any advice for someone considering it?

    My client here has delicate features, and we wanted a pixie that wouldn’t take away from that. We kept her hairline, around her face and neck, short and shattered with a razor cut. Her crown texture was cut with shears, careful to break up any bulkiness and create movement and texture.

    Her hair is very straight, so disrupting any bits that want to lay flat was a must. Styling with a texture powder like PuffMe helps to create lightweight lift and volume.

    This is meant to be a “rockin’ bedhead” look without much styling fuss – just a little product and go!

    Spikes for Fine Hair

    13 Boldest Short Spiky Hair Ideas for Women


    Q&A with style creator, Alexander Maud
    Salon Owner / Hair Stylist @ Maud Salon in Brighton, UK

    How would you describe this look?

    This is her natural color. What we wanted to achieve was something that was structured but soft. She wanted something that addressed a strong growth pattern on her hairline while keeping it feminine.

    My favorite thing would have to be the hairline. I love creating something unique to each haircut.

    Any advice for someone considering it?

    Hair type, face shape, and lifestyle play a pivotal role in how certain styles work for different people. Be open to the professional opinion from your stylist on how a particular style might need to be adapted in different ways to suit you.

    Modern Texture for Thin Hair

    13 Boldest Short Spiky Hair Ideas for Women


    Q&A with style creator, Mo Safi
    International Artistic Director @ TONI&GUY Academy London in London, UK

    How would you describe this look?

    This cut is an iconic hairstyle. It’s been worn for decades by many celebrities and models. Their dramatic change has surprised and inspired their followers with this dramatic change.

    It’s a strongly textured haircut yet feminine and wearable. It’s a combination of a pixie cut with a bit of extra length at the nape and the side area, which adds the current modern mullet twist to the look. The pixie has proven to be a timeless haircut and style for many years and many years to come.

    It works on all hair density and texture with the correct adaptation of cutting techniques and cutting tools. My favorite element about this cut is the undone texture and the chewed-off fringe. Simplicity is the key.

    Any advice for someone considering it?

    It’s a great haircut for a client who doesn’t want a commitment to styling but still wanna have a  cutting edge with their look and hairstyle. It is a very versatile hairstyle that can be worn conservatively or, with a bit of manipulation, can have a cutting edge.

    In terms of styling, products can be varied depending on the density of the hair and the desired end result. In this case, I used Powder to Wax from Label.M Professional Hair Care created by the Toni and Guy Artistic Team. It is an amazing product, and it is easy to use. It’s a perfect product to emphasize the texture and create a strong end result.

    Hair is one of the most important parts of your image. It’s a fabric that you wear every day and tells a lot about your taste and your personality, so make sure you wear it to impress.

    Platinum Blonde Short Haircut

    13 Boldest Short Spiky Hair Ideas for Women


    Q&A with style creator, Ilona Musaelyan
    Hair Stylist / Colorist @ Matthew Preece Salon in Santa Monica, CA

    How would you describe this look?

    My client is a singer who frequently performs live, so I decided to up her game. For the cut, I gave her a modern punk-rock style but a lot softer and more feminine than the one from the ’80s.

    I lightened her hair to a platinum blonde and created a shadow root to give it an illusion of depth. I used light cool lavender color at the roots and left the rest of the hair platinum. This created an ombre look from dark to light.  I often draw inspiration from nature and in this case, used mother of pearls to inspire me. It is indeed one of my favorite color combinations.

    Any woman can pull off this look as long as the cut and color are properly selected for her face shape and skin tone. Also, it’s important to have inner confidence and sass to pull off this look since it sure is a head-turner.

    Any advice for someone considering it?

    I recommend using no or very little product. If the hair is cut properly, it will do what it’s meant to. Hair will stay in place and be moldable, but if you are a product junkie and can’t live without it, I recommend using a hair-paste like Sumotech by Bumble and Bumble (one of my favorites for short hair) that gives some structure and moldability to hair.

    Also, my client loves to wear decorative hairpins (today’s version with pearls and rhinestones) to clip the upper mohawk to the side. This creates a very feminine look for an evening date or girls’ night out on the town.

    This cut and color are easy to wear – practically a wash-and-go style. In today’s modern, fast-paced world, we’re all looking for an easy on-the-go style. I believe this is it for short hair. I love this look, and so does my client.

    Sassy Spiky Hair

    13 Boldest Short Spiky Hair Ideas for Women


    Q&A with style creator, Jessica Hankins
    Salon Owner / Hair Stylist @ Jess’s Tresses Hair Studio in Gainesville, FL

    How would you describe this look?

    This look is an edgy/fun pixie. I love having a guest who likes something different but isn’t quite sure what they want. I love a challenge. This guest, in particular, said she wanted something edgy but couldn’t find something online to compare. I analyzed her facial structure and texture/density of hair and came up with some suggestions. I am a visual person, so I always try to show my guests a photo similar to what I am talking about. She loved the result.

    During the consultation process, I get deep with questions about what they expect and the amount of time they have to style their hair, etc. For me, consultation is a vital key in determining what my guests want.

    I want to give them something that will look good no matter if they style their hair or leave it to air dry. As a working group, not many guests have time to do something with their hair. This cut is easy to style and will last a few days. It gives the guest longevity in the shower/style category.

    Any advice for someone considering it?

    I strongly encourage my guests about true expectations with haircuts and color. Shorter haircuts are so fun and easy to do in the morning, but the maintenance on them (depending on each guest) can differ. I have short hair, and I tend to have hair that needs to be trimmed more often than most haircuts. Pixies are fun and easy to style, and they are so versatile but can be more maintenance for someone on the go.

    I always ask my guests questions regarding their lifestyle. How often do they want to be in the salon? Are you willing to invest in your regular trims? Short hair is a commitment, but I feel everyone at some point should explore. You can try out fun colors or undercuts/designs, and it’s fun because it will grow back out. Short hairstyles like this will need to be cleaned up about every 4-8 weeks, depending on the guest and how much they can tolerate hair growth.

    For a shorter haircut like this, think about what it will take to maintain the cut or color. If you are ready for change and want to jump into the pixie world, go for it. I strongly suggest that you do some research on a stylist that specializes in pixies/short cuts. Spend the time to find a photo that inspires your desired look. Don’t be afraid to be picky and talk with your stylist about what you expect. We love to hear what you want! For me, my guests inspire me to be a better stylist every day! No matter what, have fun!

    Spiky Cut for Over 60

    13 Boldest Short Spiky Hair Ideas for Women


    Q&A with style creator, Laura Gallo
    Hair Stylist @ Capelli Salon and Spa Boutique in Warwick NY

    How would you describe this look?

    This pixie cut was created using a scissor over-comb closely cropped to my client’s head shape. From the parietal ridge up to the top, I texturized deep peaks to encourage the hair to swoop up and have a spikey look. This is her natural pepper and salt color that we’ve grown out. Check out the platinum color I did on the same guest. I used Oway Boho Pomade and Oway Shabby Mud to create this look.

    Any advice for someone considering it?

    This type of pixie is for a bolder and more confident look. This closely cropped haircut for women over 60 with short hair complements the shape of my guests’ head. It’s probably the most liberating style, as it requires minimal time and effort to look polished yet edgy and goes great from day into night!

    Edgy Spiky Cut with Bangs

    13 Boldest Short Spiky Hair Ideas for Women


    Q&A with style creator, Vicky Garza
    Hair Stylist @ Salon Rebelle in Orange, CA

    How would you describe this look?

    This style is versatile, fitting the person wearing it. My model is pretty punky, but trust me on what I feel looks best on her. She’s beautiful, so it’s not hard. I was feeling the blues and ocean feel. I added black as my base with a variation of deep ocean colors.

    With the haircut, I cut her sides shorter because the disconnection gave her an edge, but when combed down can be very commercial as well.

    Any advice for someone considering it?

    Make sure you pick the correct color scheme for you and color placement, so consult well with your stylist! The product would depend on the texture of hair but definitely a texture product!

    It’s for someone (depending on color) who likes maybe switching it up on a day look but a fun nightlife!