10 Haircuts Just Long Enough To Fit Into A Ponytail

Subtle Inverted Bob

Spring and summer are often touted as the perfect time for a chop, but here in the South, it’s easy to disagree. Although we fully support a fabulous short cut, if you can’t pull it into a ponytail, it’s a no-go during a Southern summer. There’s nothing worse than being outside in the blistering heat and feeling your hair stick to the sweat on the back of your neck. With these short and medium-length hairstyles, you don’t have to worry about that awful sensation. Just long enough to pull into a ponytail, these haircuts can go from the gym to the dinner party. Whether you opt for some trendy fringe or go with a simple blunt cut, these lengths are just right.

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Shoulder-Length Natural Curls

Shoulder Length Natural Curls

These playful shoulder-length curls can be pulled up into pineapple hair. Grab a hair tie and gather your curls loosely on top of your head.

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One-Length Bob

One-Length Bob

It might be a little bitty ponytail, but even a bob that’s just long enough can be pulled back off your neck. Let the front pieces hang down or make use of barrettes or bobby pins.

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Boho Fringe

Boho Fringe

You can still pull these simple layers back into a ponytail as long as you’re cool with a little fringe in the front, which is trending right now. Allow some layers to remain free for a stylishly shaggy look.

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Blunt Lob

Blunt Lob

A slightly longer, blunt-cut bob is both easy and edgy. Pull your lob back into a mid-level pony.

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Face-Framing Layers

Face-Framing Layers

These long layers are the ultimate carefree cut and are more likely to make it into your ponytail. Even if they don’t, a few wisps will look stylish left out.

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Subtle Inverted Bob

Subtle Inverted Bob

You don’t have to go drastically shorter in the back to get the effects of the inverted bob, which slims and flatters any face shape. Plus you get the advantage of having your longest hair in front, which has farther to go when you pull it back.

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Curls With Baby Bangs

Sofia Wylie wears a voluminous curly hairstyle with side-swept bangs

Naturally curly haired girls don’t have to worry about adding loads of layers for texture, but baby bangs are a sweet way to mix it up. Shorter layers on top make a high ponytail the easiest choice.

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Layered Lob

Layered Lob

If you want a textured look with multiple choppy layers, just be sure the shortest ones can be pulled back into a ponytail or tucked behind your ears. The front of this hairstyle hits the collarbone, which offers lots of options for putting your hair up.

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Asymmetric Cut

Textured Asymmetrical Cut

Cut one slide slightly longer than the other for a modern, face-framing look. When you pull it back in a ponytail, the longer portion will make your ponytail seem fuller.

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Grown-Out Shag

Easy Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair Grown-Out Shag

This cut proves that curtain bangs and shaggy layers can be edgy but still have softness. The longer length also makes it easy to put your hair up, with a few stylish wisps on display.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you make a short ponytail look thicker?Short ponytails look thicker when more sections of hair are stacked on top of one another, giving it a fuller appearance—Stack hair sections by doubling up on ponytails and using clips or bobby pins to hold up the hair.
  • How to style short hairstyles in a ponytail?Short haircuts might be more challenging to pull into a full ponytail. Style your short hair by only pulling up half, creating a low ponytail, or using clips and bobby pins to secure loose hair.