The Medium-Length Layered Hair Cut That’s Stunning On Any Face Shape

Southern women know when it’s time to make the chop. With our super pixies, sassy crops, and classic bobs, we’re keenly aware that good things often come in above-shoulder packages. However, Southern women also aren’t afraid to embrace a little change—when it’s worth it. And, boy, have we found the medium-length haircut that’ll make you want to start doubling up the biotin supplements.

Let your locks venture below the shoulders with this layered, textured, medium-length cut. With characteristics akin to the modern shag, this hairstyle works well on almost every hair type and face shape. With soft layers throughout, heavy face-framing, and undeniable texture, this cut is not only incredibly low maintenance; but it transitions perfectly as it grows out until your next salon appointment, thanks to the all-over layering.

Where To Find Inspiration

You can thank the hands behind this sweet-spot haircut, professional stylist Sal Salcedo, for inspiring our overflowing gratitude. Take one look at his Instagram account, and you’ll see different lengths and variations of this no-fail style, all equally as stunning and ready to tag along to your next hair appointment.

Medium-Length Cut

What To Request At The Salon

To make things easy, Salcedo told Refinery29 exactly how to ask for this cut: “A mid-length base cut with soft layers throughout and symmetrical face-framing layers. The shortest pieces start at her cheekbones and get longer as you go toward the back of the head.” (You can remember that, right?)

Our biggest piece of advice? Always—always—bring along a photo of what you want. Do some research, find a couple of options you think would work with your texture, and show them to your stylist before fingers touch tresses. So, go ahead and look through Salcedo’s swoon-worthy inspirations (Instagram: @salsalhair)—you’ll find everything you need.

How To Care For This Haircut

This low-maintenance haircut is perfect both for ladies looking to grow out their hair gracefully and seamlessly and for ladies aiming to get major style without going too short. For styling, enhance your texture and volume with Verb Sea Spray and, when needed, your favorite dry shampoo. (Our most loved drugstore option: Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo.) Salcedo swears by his Hot Tools 1 ¼ Inch Curling Iron for loose waves. Alternate directions of your curls, and finger-comb them until mussed and wavy after cooling.