12 Head-Turning Long Inverted Bob Haircuts

Beach Wavy Long Inverted Blonde Bob

12 Head-Turning Long Inverted Bob Haircuts


This fantastic long wavy inverted bob cut is steeply angled and subtly stacked in the back to enhance its dramatic A-line shape.

It was created by Rachel Lott, the Owner of Camellia Hair and Beauty in Queensbury, NY.

Her reason to frame the face? “I kept the length around the face long with no framing for a smooth and continued translation from short to long. Adding framing or wispy bangs to a wavy lob will break up the line and change the look of long inverted bobs.”

I love the color of this long graduated bob. Here’s what Rachael had to say about it. “The long inverted bob cut is accented with organically placed blonde balayage highlights and tousled waves, keeping the style current and on-trend.”

Rachel gave some advice on styling this blonde bob cut with tousled waves to keep the look current and on-trend. “For straight hair textures, wrap hair in sections away from the face loosely around a medium barrel iron. For naturally wavy hair, you can try adding a texture cream or salt spray and let it air dry.”

A Shoulder-Length Inverted Long Bob Style

12 Head-Turning Long Inverted Bob Haircuts


A very long inverted bob haircut look amazing with a straight, jet black hair color. You’ll find these on runways and red carpets.

Inverted long bob styles with a long front that instantly gives an authoritative vibe.

Love the look in this picture? See more pictures of long bob cuts.

I caught up with its stylist, Catherine Cook of Catcookhair in Westchester, NY. Here’s what she had to say about this shoulder length inverted bob.

“This inverted bob haircut is it is simple yet so sexy-chic, bringing life and edginess to the modern bob.”

Catherine added, “this inverted lob haircut is easy to manage and flattering to many face shapes once you find the right length that best suits you whether chin-length, shoulder-length or collar bone length.”

Choppy Long Inverted Bob for Thin Hair

12 Head-Turning Long Inverted Bob Haircuts


This is the ideal choppy long inverted bob for thin hair. Getting a long reverse bob haircut like the one in this photo will increase the structure of your hair. Considering adding highlights on this strawberry champagne hair for an enhanced style.

Inverted Razored Long Bob for Fine Hair

12 Head-Turning Long Inverted Bob Haircuts


A textured long inverted bob haircut is best for fine hair. Adding soft waves gives depth to the blonde highlights that emphasize the asymmetrical cut and ash brown colors altogether.

Longer Inverted Bob for Naturally Curly Hair

12 Head-Turning Long Inverted Bob Haircuts


For a long inverted bob for curly hair, you’ll need to be careful about the shape of the cut. Sometimes a longer inverted bob can have a fuller appearance when adding subtle layers to the curls while keeping longer locks upfront.

Long Inverted Bob with Bangs and Layers

12 Head-Turning Long Inverted Bob Haircuts


A long inverted bob with bangs and layers will give a more rounded look, which flatters women with a round face.

Angled Inverted Lob with Bangs

12 Head-Turning Long Inverted Bob Haircuts


An inverted lob with bangs is great for women with straight hair. Rather than going with a bob with side bangs, try straight blunt bangs. Stylist Sonya was right to choose blunt bangs on this edgy black!

Long Stacked Inverted Bob with Balayage

12 Head-Turning Long Inverted Bob Haircuts


Adding short choppy layers to a long, stacked inverted bob adds more movement to your hair. It’s a great long angled bob cut to add honey blonde balayage highlights.

Shaggy Long Inverted Bob with Layers

12 Head-Turning Long Inverted Bob Haircuts


A dark brown shaggy long inverted bob with layers works for women who aim to have a simple look.

Hair Stylist Alexandria Furnari of Bombshell Hair and Beauty Studio in Albany, NY created this gorgeous haircut.

“An inverted straight bob is great because it adds depth, dimension, shine, and texture,” Alexandria told me.

Struggle with fine hair? “This inverted long bob with long layers was cut to keep the fullness while adding pieces of movement throughout using a collaboration of cutting and coloring techniques,” she said.

Long Undercut Inverted Bob for Thick Hair

12 Head-Turning Long Inverted Bob Haircuts


This is a long inverted undercut bob haircut for thick hair. It’s a modern take on the classic bob never goes out of style.

“If you have a lot of hair, shaving all of the hair underneath helps take out the weight,” says Gerilyn Ghaisarzadeh, the creator of this cut.

As for the coloring process, Gerilyn said “as we traveled down the hair shaft, major warmth still remained in the hair. This created a reverse ombre effect which I really liked – lighter purple at the root melted into a deeper darker purple.”

The key to a good long inverted bob for thick hair? “Get a consultation to find out how much of an angle you want. This long bob haircut also works on different textures of hair and really most face shapes depending upon where you put the weight line in the front,” she said.

Side Parted Lob with Fringe for Straight Hair

12 Head-Turning Long Inverted Bob Haircuts


A long inverted bob cut with fringe is the perfect way to frame your face and draw more attention to your eyes.

“For long inverted bob variations like this, having straight hair also helps bring more attention to your highlights,” said Katie Martin, the Lead Master Hairstylist at Prodigo Day Spa & Salon in Harleysville, PA.

Want a change from long hair? “Long inverted bobs are a great change from long hair but you don’t want to go super short. Having that length in the front is good security for them!” Katie added.

Here’s how to style a long inverted bob:

1. Start with a great blowout, as a great blowout gives you more longevity with the hairstyle.

2. Starting at the nape of the head, blow-dry the hair in sections with a ceramic and ion thermal brush, over-directing the hair in all directions to give maximum volume along with smoothness.

3. Finish with sweeping the bangs to the side.

4. After, put a smoothing oil, on the ends and lightly slide a flat iron through the hair to give a more sleek look.

5. Finish with a flexible hairspray.

6. For the bangs, rest the bangs together with your hand underneath and spray to keep the bangs together without separating.

Katie told me that the great thing about a long inverted bob is it really isn’t hard and can be done quickly.

As for the best facial shapes and hair types?

“Inverted lobs are flattering for any face shape and hair type. An inverted lob with side bangs is great for fine hair because the blunt cut makes your tresses look fuller and thicker.”

Textured Extra Long and Layered Inverted Bob

12 Head-Turning Long Inverted Bob Haircuts


This wavy long inverted bob is a stunning textured cut with copper balayage pieces added throughout.

Lacey Thompson, a Salon Owner at FabuLace in Menomonie, WI cut and colored this inverted lob cut.

Lacey’s best advice for it?

“This long layered inverted bob is great for women with fine hair who want to add volume. The textured wavy bob cut itself adds fullness. It’s versatile and looks great straight or curled!”

If you’re looking for products for your this long inverted bob haircut, Lacey suggests dry texture sprays, volume sprays, and light/medium hold hairsprays.