15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs

Blunt Bob With Straight Bangs

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


This really edgy red neck-length blunt bob haircut with bangs transcends the classic bob with its sleekness and shape. A simple fringe also does well in framing and balancing the face length. Looking for more cool looks like this? Then you’ve gotta see these short hair with bangs.

Stacked Bob With Side Fringe

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


A stacked bob with side fringe is much more majestic with waves. The movement and texture are what bring out an extra touch of sophistication to the finish. Going this short actually makes it easier to maintain. This short stacked bob hairstyle is for bolder women who want feminine yet edgy style.

Wavy Angled Bob With Wispy Bangs

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


Frame your face perfectly with layers and a wispy long bangs that can help narrow your face shape. This simple yet fresh short angled bob cut is great on any straight to wavy hair. A short wavy bob is perfect for formal events and bangs will guide attention right to the eyes.

Graduated Bob

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


This beautifully shaped graduated jaw-length bob cut can frame the face effectively especially when paired with full bangs. You can style it neat for a business setting or tousled for your casual look.

Lob Cut With Curtain Bangs

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


70’s style haircuts with bangs are making a comeback. Simply add some texture to the bob and in this case, gorgeous curtain bangs.

Messy Shaggy Bob with Baby Bangs for Women Over 40

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


We feature a sweet little shagged out bob cut with a full fringe that is obviously easy to style and maintain. This is one attractive way to build volume in your hair with the help of curls and a tousling.

Micro Bangs

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


Style your straight natural hair with this really edgy small and short haircut with face-framing layers on the side. Those blunt baby fringe can also help balance your face length if you have an oval face. Micro bangs can be added to bob haircuts to provide just enough framing around the forehead.

Layered Bob with Short Bangs

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


This textured, straight, chin-length bob with bangs looks cute on any face shape. You can personalize this short bob with bangs by adjusting the bangs to compliment the length of your face.

A-Line Bob

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


This one’s a gorgeously created angled and stacked a-line bob with bangs for short hair. It has delicious caramel highlights that really work so well in giving the hair dimension and volume. Plus, that full fringe frames the face beautifully and complements the whole hairstyle.

Q&A with style creator, Kimberly Robinson
Hairstylist @ Paul Mammola Salon in Lexington, MA

How would you describe this look?

This is a stacked bob with a fun but not too crazy color! I love how it adds volume and reduces bulk where we don’t want it! There is a nice angle towards the face that adds style but keeps the face from looking too round.

Any advice for someone considering it?

It’s really user-friendly! When it’s damp, just add some styling foam and volumizing spray, blow dry it all forward, and once you brush it back all of the layers fall into place! If you want more of an edgy textured look, add a styling pomade/wax (once it is all dry) to the ends and make it look piecey! If you feel like you’re face is too round for the style, just ask your stylist to make sure the front stays longer to elongate your face. The volume will be taken from the back and added to the top! As for the color, it’s a fun way to add some fun to your hair without getting kicked out of the workplace.

Face-Framing Bob

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


Q&A with style creator, Emma French
Stylist & Owner @ Frenchy’s Hair & Makeup in Oxfordshire, UK

How would you describe this look?

This look is effortlessly chic, sexy and, versatile! I love a modern take on a classic shape, and a cut as timeless as the bob deserves to be played with.

The greatest thing about this look is that it can take you from work to play and back again! You could rock up to the office wearing it sleek and straight demanding everyone’s full attention, then with little messing and teasing, meet friends for dinner looking gorgeously textured and cool!

This is achieved by creating a strong outline with zero tension, so the hair can move fluidly and sit where it wants to with ease, making it easy for my client to wear. I used solely a razor comb to create soft texture and layers that can lie dormant until you want to show them off, sitting gently over the perimeter of the haircut waiting to be messed up or curled.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is perfect for a lady with a busy lifestyle that still wants to look stylish with minimal fuss during the week. The beauty of this is that it can be as low or as high maintenance as you choose! If you want weekday effortlessness, use a sea spray or volume spray with a vent brush or diffuser for an instant “too cool to care” look. If you want full, smooth, and glam, use a large round brush and volumizing mousse for an instant boss lady! Or for somewhere in the middle use a large curling iron, with a heat protecting spray for gorgeous wavy locks that can be worn day to night.

This style suits most face shapes and hair types as the beauty of the bob are with a few simple tweaks by your stylist. It can be tailored to complement your individuality. I think this is why it’s stood the test of time! Though I would advise ladies with a more square or rounded face shape to go for a collarbone length version (gotta love a lob!) and a softer sweeping fringe to open up and elongate that lovely face and not hide it.

Blonde Asymmetrical Bob

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


Q&A with style creator, Danielle Belloli
Hair Artist @ Louis Anthony Salon in Quincy, MA

How would you describe this look?

This is an asymmetrical bob, meaning one side is longer than the other. What I love about this cut is that it’s a little bit edgy but you can tuck that longer side behind your ear or pin it back if you’re not feeling the edge as much on certain days.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This asymmetrical bob with bangs is for women who are strictly parting to one side. Because it is longer on one side you can’t move your part from left to right to middle without the cut looking a little wonky, but there are definitely different variations and you can really fine-tune this style to fit anyone. Another suggestion for this (and any cut) is to really pay attention to what products your stylist is using, ask what it is, what it does, why they’re using it.

We aren’t using a product just to get you to spend money, we’re using them, so your particular hair texture works with the way we just cut it. So many times people will say they loved the cut but just couldn’t make it look how I did, and that’s because they didn’t ask enough questions while I was styling! Pay attention and ask questions because it is possible to style your own hair if you’re willing to put in a little bit of time.

See Through Bangs

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


Add some see through bangs to match a chic, feminine short hairstyle. The perfect length and cut would be the neck-grazing one, which is tapered at the nape area. Textured edges are a plus to soften the perimeter of a lovely short layered bob with bangs like this one.

Inverted Bob With Straight Fringe

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


Q&A with style creator, Shelby Bets
Hairdresser @ CRAFT Academy Salon in Vancouver, BC

How would you describe this look?

This short inverted bob is one that my client and I have been working towards for a while. She started her hair journey with long brown hair and have been working towards the platinum blonde for about 6 months now, going slow and steady to maintain healthy hair along the way.

She is pre-lightened with L’Oréal professional multi-technique 8 and toned with Pulp Riot lavender toner. The cut is growing out from a pixie so I gave her a strong baseline and strong bangs, then I gave her a lot of internal texture and movement because she does have very thick coarse hair. She has been rocking the short hair for a long time now and short hair is personally is my favorite to cut.

I style her with leave-in conditioner color fanatic from Pureology and L’incroyable blow dry cream from Kerastase applied in wet hair. In dry hair, I apply crepage de chignon from L’Oréal Professional to give her some texture.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This look is a commitment. The upkeep is something that is not ideal for every client in my chair. Appointments are long and every 5 weeks for both color and cut. If you are willing to put effort in styling and coming in for trims every 6 weeks then try it out. Short hair is such a fun change and can be tailored to any hair type. Products I recommend for my short hair clients are usually: scruff me L’Oréal professional, Aircraft R and Co, and Crepage de chignon L’Oréal professional.

My all-time favorite product for short hair to give dry texture and give lift is badlands dry shampoo paste from R and Co. It gives the client that second hair day on day one without weighing the hair down. Products are very important in both protecting the platinum blonde against breakage but also to help with styling.

Razor Cut Short Bob with Bangs

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


Q&A with style creator, Daniella Benita
Stylist / Colorist @ Daniella Benita Hair Studio in Los Angeles, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a modern and edgy razor cut. My favorite types of people to rock this look are an artsy mom or a young girl who wants a sophisticated look. The loveliest thing about this cut is how it moves. Since everything is cut at the same length, the hair moves as one and gives such a beautiful effect.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Invest in a flat iron and shine spray. The products/tools for this look is my GHD Flat iron and Davines Shimmering Mist. Take small sections and flat iron your hair pin straight by following your hair with the flat iron all the way past the ends. After that, spray with Davines Shimmering Mist, and you’ll have a chic, sleek bob that is modern and crazy shiny!

Neck Length Cut With Choppy Bangs

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


Q&A with style creator, Tim Patrick
Haircutting Specialist @ Spoke & Weal in Spoke and Weal, LA / Los Angeles, CA

How would you describe this look?

A dry blunt cut bob is an excellent timeless look with a modern edge. I think bobs are back in a big way this year because fashion is all about lines contouring textures right now. The modern woman is wearing a blunt one length bob as an accessory to there eclectic, free-form and tactile fashion sensibility.

I cut hair using the dry technique because people wear their hair dry. Dry hair doesn’t lie, whereas a wet cut, round brushed look can easily mask sloppy technique and execution. This picture was styled straight to emphasize the cut and length. I might also put a soft “S” wave in with a hot tool and finish with a matte texture creme or powder dry shampoo.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Bobs are excellent for all heights and most face shapes. If someone is a little rounder in the face, the right fringe can bring a lot of volume to the shape visually and a blunt bob with hair density neutralized can be slimming and suitable.

I always ask a guest 3 questions when considering them for this look do you work out, do you have small children, and how much time do you have to style in the morning. Fringe does take up keep – 5-10 mins in the morning and a trip to see me every 3-4 weeks. When considering length it is important to know if they need to be able to put it up. I am in the business of creating hairstyles for lifestyles.

Chin Length Textured Bob With Side Swept Bangs

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


Q&A with style creator, Siva Hanson
Stylist / Owner @ Basement Sweet in Edmonton, AB

How would you describe this look?

The look is quick and easy to style and versatile for both straight and curly hair. The length of the bob can be slightly adjusted to suit your face shape. I would usually recommend keeping the bob a bit longer on rounder face shapes and shorter on longer face shapes. A short curly bob embraces movement and texture.

A longer side-swept bang is flattering on every face shape and great for keeping your styling options open, as it can we worn curly or straight. The color of this particular look is also great for low maintenance as it has a root shadow left of her natural hair color to prevent the dreaded regrowth line. Just don’t forget your purple shampoo if you like your hair to stay this blonde!

Any advice for someone considering it?

If you are considering getting a textured bob, keep in mind that you won’t be able to get that easy top knot for the gym or sleep in days. The plus is that this cut can usually be styled within minutes using a fast blow-dry agent and a simple wrap dry technique.

In general, this cut works best on thinner hair. If your hair is thicker and you still want this look, consider talking to your stylist about an undercut, which can be a great option to achieve the look on thicker hair, and cut your blow-dry time in half!

Middle Part Fringe

15 Hottest Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs


This is a middle part fringe paired with a blonde neck-length bob. It’s a type of fringe popular for being the 1970’s-inspired curtain bangs. The best thing about it is it gives any haircut a softer and unique feminine edge. Having thoughts of getting these vintage Bardot bangs? The maintenance of bang trims is something to consider. Fortunately, they’re easy to grow out. You can tuck them behind ears once they’re long enough.