15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas

    15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas

    Shaggy Pixie Cut for Square Face

    15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas


    This is a great shaggy pixie cut for square face shapes! A short chop like this features side-swept bangs to accentuate your eyes and cheekbones. It even offers shorter layers that give a movement to your locks when styled with texture.

    The Asymmetrical Shag

    15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas


    This is an eye-catching asymmetrical shag in the form of a pixie cut. It’s the lavender-pink shade that makes this whole look very youthful and vivid. Feel free to style your locks with some texture for the layers to pop even more!

    Trendy Shaggy Pixie Cut for Older Women

    15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas


    This is one of the best shaggy pixies for older women in their 50s and 60s right now. Its layers will add volume and dimension to thin, grey hair

    Long Pixie with Shaggy Bangs

    15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas


    A long pixie with shaggy bangs is super modern. It offers shorter layers at the top to enhance your natural root volume. With this look, you’ll be a total trendsetter!

    Long Shaggy Pixie Cut

    15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas


    This is a stunning long shaggy pixie cut. This cut allows your hair to have a textured finish with a subtle effect of movement. To enhance the fullness of your chop, a volumizing mousse can help you get your desired outcome.

    A Very Short Shaggy Pixie Bob

    15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas


    A very short pixie bob with a shag shows off sophistication. Opt for this look if you think that this is the long and voluminous side fringe you ever needed!

    Shag with Long Bangs

    15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas


    Are you one of those babes who adore soft pixies? If yes, this shag with long bangs must be your next hair goal! The layers will boost the volume of your black hair. You can style it with minimal texture, and you’ll still look impressive and suave!

    Shaggy Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

    15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas


    This is the perfect shaggy pixie cut for fine hair. With texture added at the top, this look will give your thin locks fuller-looking style!

    Cute Curly Shag

    15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas


    Feel confident once you flaunt your natural hair. For a voluminous and textured pixie, give this cute curly shag a try. Keep your brown tresses hydrated and use a sea salt spray for a bouncy-looking result.

    Flattering for Oval Face Shapes

    15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas


    This shaggy pixie cut flatters oval face shapes because the split bangs makes the face appear more symmetrical. Its textured finish works hand in hand with curtain bangs that both offer a fresher edge. If picking for the best hair color to complement your fair skin tone, never be afraid to go for a copper one.

    The Layered Shag

    15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas


    Pull off a short layered shag like this, and feel the funky vibe it offers! Achieve this pixie by opting for a razor cut technique to boost the fullness of your dark tresses. Add texture to the layers because everyone loves a style that screams liveliness!

    The Best Shaggy Pixie for Thin Hair

    15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas


    This short, shaggy pixie haircut works best for women with thin hair. It requires minimal care routine if you have slightly wavy tresses. Spray on a sea salt spray to secure your hair’s natural texture.

    Edgy Messy Shag with Undercut

    15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas

    @ jesusbaezahaircoach

    Try this edgy messy shag pixie with an undercut that works great on fine tresses. It offers various lengths of layers to lessen the weight of your thick hair, making it look so light.

    Perfect Pixie for a Round Face

    15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas


    Pixie shags give an excellent overall shape without losing too much length. The layers/texture you see are previously cut in but just reworked it to further soften the layers from being too heavy.

    This hairstyle is great for everyday wear. The graduation in the back already has a built-in shape, so individuals don’t need to worry about blow-dry the back too much. Most face shapes can be used for this particular cut. Although, take note that with rounder faces not to take the front areas too short.

    It’s more for mid-density hair types. If too thick and coarse, the hair may result in too much volume. When done correctly, this cut gives a really nice silhouette which can shape the facial features quite nicely.

    Best for Thick Hair

    15 Modern Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas


    This pixie shag haircut is best for women with thick hair. Plus, it’s easy to style and great for growing out.

    If you have very thick hair that allowed me to get a lot of texture with the layers.

    With fine hair, you may need to do more styling to achieve the look and adjust the cut a bit.

    Show your stylist the inspo pic, discuss your options, have an open mind, and work with a trusted hairstylist.