15 Timeless Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Classic Bob

With the natural beauty of aging comes a change in hair texture and moisture control, but that doesn’t mean there’s no more fun to be had. We’ve consulted with professionals from all over to get their advice on short haircuts for women over 50. There are several styling steps you can take, along with a fresh cut, that will ensure your hair is looking and feeling its best. Janna Wright—who has 13 years of experience and is a hairstylist at Hair Perfection in Short Pump, Virginia—says, “Hair tends to get drier with age, so using a professional brand’s leave-in conditioner after each wash will help to keep the hair from becoming brittle, and it will also allow for better styling results.”

We’re here to provide inspiration for your next salon visit with the best short hairstyles for women over 50.

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A Blunt Cut

blunt cut, subtle face frame and hidden texture

If you are looking to make the daring switch from long hair to a shorter cut, this might be the right style for you. A blunt cut with subtle face framing breaks up the linear look around the face, says Chris Jones, a Texas-based hair stylist and owner of Salon Bugatti. Having your stylist add hidden texture in your blunt cut will also help to give your new short hair more movement and body.

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Curly Pixie Cut

Timeless Short Hairstyles

Let the curls do the work with a short cut such as a pixie. Ask for similar length all over to match this look.

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Polished Pixie

Polished Pixie Janna Wright

“Adding texture to any short cut will allow for versatility when styling for any different occasion,” Janna Wright says. Plus, who doesn’t love the fun nature of a pixie cut?

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Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical bob

A bob haircut will forever be a timeless look. You can switch up a long bob for an asymmetrical bob to add interest and volume to your hair.

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Voluminous Lob

@chrisjones_hair effortless movement w undercut

A voluminous lob is also a great way to add interest, movement, and volume to your new hair. This long bob with an undercut is stunning and dramatic enough to add new life to your hairstyle.

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Chin Bob

Middle Part Hairstyles

For fine-haired women, a chin bob can frame the face and flatter those cheekbones. Additionally, wispy bangs are much more easily styled than curtain or blunt.

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Classic Bob

Amy Elizabeth Hair Design bob w bangs

Unlike the inverted or asymmetrical bob, a classic bob is a great option for women with fine or thin hair who want fullness but prefer their hair tapered away from their face, according to Amy Anderson, owner of Amy Elizabeth Hair Design in Onalaska, Wisconsin. Her studio specializes in hair loss and healthy scalp treatments, along with being sustainable and organic.

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Textured Pixie

Short Gray Hairstyles

The shorter the length, the less hair you have to worry about styling. A pixie cut is a classic for a reason. Ask for length left on the top to sweep up and back for body.

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Face Framing Lob

@chrisjones_hair face frame lob

To avoid the long straight lines around your face that are often part of a bob cut, add face framing to break up the lines and create movement, Chris Jones says. This look creates a faux curtain bang effect and can look great styled straight or curly. Taking the plunge with full bangs is also an option. Curtain bangs are still all over internet style boards right now. “Adding soft, framing bangs are a great way to change up any look,” Janna Wright says.

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Layered Lob

Textured Lob

This look is all about volume. Ask your stylist for square layer cuts on dry hair with point cuts for added movement and softness, recommends Chris Jones. A volumizing mousse can also be used when styling at home for added oompf.

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Straight Lob

Short Gray Hairstyles

A collarbone-length cut is always a confident option—and you can choose to go with blunt ends for optimal thickness. Keep it simple, and you won’t be sidled with regret.

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Fuller Pixie

@haircolourconcepts pixie

Achieve a flattering and feminine look in a pixie cut that shows off the shape of your head. This pixie cut is close at the nape of the neck and fuller in the crown with soft edges, explains Laurie Anderson Ashe, stylist and owner of Hair Colour Concepts in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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Collarbone-Length Curly Shag

Long Curly Shag

Curls age like a fine wine, as long as you keep them healthy and hydrated. Leave the length around the shoulders, but make sure to add plenty of layers to ensure maximum volume. Bangs are always a nice finishing touch.

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Pixie Power

Gabriela Mora @gabrielasprettylocks pixie cut

Go bold with a tight pixie cut. You can achieve a short cut in the back with clippers, yet still have soft and feminine lines in the front of your face with a combination of shears, razor, and texture shears, says Gabriela Mora, a stylist at HM Hair Bar in Chicago, Illinois. Some may consider such a short cut to be risky, but we think this style is worth the risk.

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Textured Bob

Janna Wright textured layers bob

You can also accomplish a timeless look through the styling techniques you use. This bob cut has textured layers and is curled to accomplish an effortless “beach wave” look. When blow drying your hair, always remember that the flatter the brush, the flatter your hair will appear, Janna Wright says. Instead, she recommends using a round brush, which she notes will “give you more volume and height for your desired look.”