15 Beautiful Layered Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas

Inverted with Bangs

15 Beautiful Layered Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas


This long layered inverted bob with bangs is perfect for fine hair. The haircut features textured ends to give the hair extra details on edge. It looks softer if spiced up with subtle waves for a natural-looking movement.

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Shoulder Length with Side Bangs

15 Beautiful Layered Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas


This is how you intensify your flair! Both the cut and color of this shoulder-length layered inverted bob with side bangs work so well. The bright blonde shade brings out a glow around the face. If you’re an older lady, you can rock this layered bob without a doubt.

Bob for Round Face

15 Beautiful Layered Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas


Check out this layered inverted bob for women with round faces! Notice how the longest strands reach the collarbone to match the face shape? Boost the fullness and texture of this layered, dark cut by styling it with waves and curls.

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Layered Wavy Inverted Bob

15 Beautiful Layered Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas


You can never go wrong with a short to mid-length hairstyle when it’s matched with dark tresses. Take this layered wavy inverted bob as an example. One advantage of this wavy bob is you don’t need much maintenance when it comes to hair color. And with soft, layered waves at the hair ends—voila! You’re good to go!

Layered Razor Cut Inverted Bob

15 Beautiful Layered Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas


This layered razor cut inverted bob offers detailed ends that work well with texture. Razor cuts that end at the jawline demand little effort when styling with waves. If you have dark locks that need a bit of shine, ask your stylist for a few traces of dark blonde tint.

Layered Curly Inverted Bob

15 Beautiful Layered Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas


The ultimate head-turner without a doubt! This layered curly inverted bob features a bulky shape, granting you such a unique payoff. If you keep your jaw-length, dark curls with a bouncy-looking finish, you’ll nail this layered inverted bob!

Layered Inverted Pixie Bob

15 Beautiful Layered Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas


This layered inverted pixie bob is a must-try if you’re considering a short hairdo. Blonde highlights on the dark tresses are more exposed against those jagged ends. Opt for this layered pixie bob to benefit your oval-shaped face, too!

Inverted Bob with Short Layers

15 Beautiful Layered Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas


Add more texture and dimension to this chic inverted bob with short layers. The short layers are great if you don’t have a lot of time to style. The salon owner, Lisa Liptak, is the hairstylist behind this cut. She finished this inverted bob style off with “Bassu Moisture Mist by Surface to combat the winter dryness and add a ton of shine.”

Very Short Bob

15 Beautiful Layered Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas


A very short layered inverted bob like this is best for your dimensional blonde locks. The chop is great for maximizing your hair’s volume, jazzing up the babylights. This looks stunning for women with thick, straight hair.

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Short Stacked Bob with Bangs

15 Beautiful Layered Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas


Want a drastic change to amp up your bronde hair? A short, stacked, layered, inverted bob with bangs will give you a style that’s fun. The more texture, the better. And to keep its textured finish longer-lasting, sprinkle your locks with a sea salt spray.

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Q&A with style creator, Jean Claude
Hair Stylist @ Jean Claude El Moughayar in Mont-Liban, LB

How would you describe this look?

The most important part of this layered inverted bob haircut lies in its layers. Ideally, it’s styling should be large but very natural.

The honey-caramel balayage showcases the overall style of the layers. This haircut is most suitable for a round or oval-shaped face with a base of smooth flowy hair. In order for the hair to endure such a level of layering, it has to be somehow thick.

Any advice for someone considering it?

A client considering this haircut would share a classy and trendy lifestyle and is not shy to show off her beauty and enjoy the attention.

Layered Shaggy Inverted Bob for Thick Hair

15 Beautiful Layered Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas


Here’s a layered shaggy inverted bob for thick hair that improves a “heavy” feel. This shaggy bob secures texture and volume for a more dramatic vibe—who doesn’t want that? Accentuate more of the blonde pieces in your chocolate strands as you style it with layered waves.

Q&A with style creator, Vicki Felan
Hair Stylist @ The Local Hair Salon in Burleson, TX

How would you describe this look?

This layers on an inverted bob with blonde pops against the dark and how much it makes the long angled front stand out.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would say pretty much anyone can wear this cut. You just have to make sure you can take the time to style as needed. As with any short hair, there is little maintenance. For the color, I did a balayage through the top and sides and applied a base close to her natural. I toned with shades Eq.

As for products, I recommend a good heat protector, mousse or styling foam, a texturizing finishing spray, and a lightweight finishing paste. For her look, I used Redken’s Extreme Play Safe, Stay High 18 and dried using a round brush, then curled her hair with Hot Tools 1″ Marcel then finished with Redken’s Wind Blown 05 and Mess Around 10.

Short Layers with Fringe

15 Beautiful Layered Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas


This short layered inverted bob with fringe is perfect for mature, classy women. Layered bobs with fringe not only add movement but also show off the accentuating color even better. Though highlights require low upkeep, sulfate-free products are still vital to avoid fading.

Q&A with style creator, Jay Roberts
Owner/Stylist @ Blades International Salon in Rocky Hill, CT

How would you describe this look?

This inverted layered bob was inspired by fashion icon Edie Sedwick. It’s an inverted bob, going from short to long, using diagonal finger angles and a cut-throat straight razor. My favorite thing about the haircut is that it can be styled in many ways! It can be blown out smooth or styled with styling creams to emphasize texture and volume.

The color techniques used were a shadow rooted base color and teasy-light highlights. These two techniques add more dimension to the look and really bump up the effect of the texture!

Any advice for someone considering it?

I love that this is a great haircut for all face shapes and can be done on all hair types. One could use smoothing products for one desired result or volumizing products for another. Either way, pomades and styling creams are great for control and texture whether the look is displayed smooth or voluminous!

In summation, this hairstyle is great for on-the-go styling drying naturally or for the client who likes to put a little more effort into styling her hair. It’s an all-around versatile look!

Short with a Back View

15 Beautiful Layered Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas


Here’s a classy short layered inverted bob (back view) to boost your hair’s texture and volume. Partner this inverted bob with a dark ash blonde shade to enhance the illusion of dimension. Stylists recommend using a purple shampoo to keep up with the richness of this color.

Q&A with style creator, Johanna Berg
Hair Stylist @ Salong Amino in Eskilstuna, SE

How would you describe this look?

Since the inverted bob with layering had its breakthrough in the ’60s, it has been tweaked and played with to suit the wearer and is one of my personal favorites.

I love that the graduation is very flattering for the head shape. It is stylish and feminine and can suit anyone.

This lady has a nice heart-shaped face, and her hair falls like it was made for this style.

I wanted to create a natural and low maintenance color using a highlighting technique with an ashy toner.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This style can suit anyone! It is so versatile, and texturizing is key.

If you are looking to get this style of haircut, take into consideration your face shape, hair type, and growth patterns.

For example, a rounder face shape looks best if the hair around the face is well below the chin. It shouldn’t have too much volume on the sides but rather sleek to elongate the face. A deep side-swept or curtain bangs is flattering! This would enhance the cheekbones and narrow the chin. Longer face shape? Do quite the opposite with shorter sides and lots of volume. If you want bangs, you could go shorter, as a baby bang could give an amazing edge to this style.

If you have thinner hair, use a thickening cream or mousse and/or volumizing root spray. Curly hair needs lots of moisture, so use a curling cream or curling spray and scrunch away!

For this style, I did a blow out to create body. She had a deep side parting, so I curled the hair away from the face on the heavy side using a wand. This simple trick creates a glamorous look, framing the face very nicely.

Medium Inverted Bob with Layers

15 Beautiful Layered Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas


Offering a shape that’s on point, this gorgeous medium-layered inverted bob is a classy style for any woman. The layers in a medium inverted bob remove bulkiness to prevent your locks from looking hefty. Furthermore, a natural-looking brunette shade is an excellent color to flatter women with fair skin.

This is a very soft sandy brown inverted bob with layers. Ask your stylist to gently graduate the back and add soft texturized layers around the crown and facial framing to blend her long side-swept fringe.

This style is great for all hair types and most face shapes. If you have a longer face shape, don’t go so dramatic with the angle and keep the front length above the collar bone.

Styling is a must! This look is not for wash-and-wear, as it requires more effort. If you want that sleek finish and perfect looking hairline, you need a smoothing cream mids to ends and a volumizing spray at the root on damp hair. After blow-drying, use a heat protectant and a flat iron to really smooth out. Use Davine’s Love smoothing cream and Davines Volu hair mist on damp hair and Melu heat protectant hair mist on dry hair right before your flat iron. This look’s upkeep is around every 6-8 weeks for cut and color.

Layered Choppy Inverted Bob for Fine Hair

15 Beautiful Layered Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas


Q&A with style creator, Melanie Hilderbrand
Hair Stylist @ 5One7 in Whitby, ON

How would you describe this look?

This inverted bob with layers is a drastic change but with a modern touch since we completely changed her color with a rich dark brown along with taking off 6 inches to achieve a simple yet classic angled bob. With her layers cascading towards her face, it keeps her fullness on the sides but still allows her hair to have volume and texture. The whole experience with having the privilege and trust of my client to do this was the most rewarding part!

Any advice for someone considering it?

To women considering layered inverted bobs, my advice would be to have fun with it. It’s a lower maintenance look, but it’s versatile to each client’s needs. Whether you want to keep it classy and chic or bold and dramatic, you and your stylist will be able to determine what’s best suited for you and your face shape.

This cut looks great with all hair textures and mainly thin to medium density hair. If a client is wanting this look with thick hair, I would recommend doing an undercut, so it would lay flatter to the head shape.