29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men

Long Hair with Disconnected Part

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


Here’s a haircut that’s perfect for long-haired men looking for something bold and modern. The disconnected undercut paired with long hair definitely does the trick.

Long Wavy Hair with Skin Fade Undercut

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


The undercut created a great contrast with thick, full long locks  styled at the top. For this, tousled ends sealed the polished look.

Long Brushed Back Hair with High Fade

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


Take your long mane down a notch with this look. This pompadour fade cut looks brilliant with a stylish beard! Keep your sides neat for more contrast.

Long Hair with Disconnected Waves

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


This long-haired man has naturally wavy hair and decided to add an awesome one-sided undercut. The contrast of the wavy style and shaved side really pops.

Long Classic Men’s Style

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


One could describe this long haircut for men as timeless and classic.

Parted Long Straight Hair for Guys

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


This is modern rocker long hair, styled by barber Denis Robinson of London.

For any guy considering growing their hair out long, Robinson would advise staying with it. “There will be many times you’ll get frustrated and feel like cutting it off, but it will be worth it. Invest in regular trims to keep it strong and don’t be cheap when it comes to shampoo and conditioner,” Robinson suggests.

Longer hair gets weaker, so get a shampoo with a protein base or repair any damage and a light moisturizing conditioner to give it suppleness and shine. The layer in this style is in the interior of the haircut, giving it movement and texture without looking like a retro 80’s vibe.

Long Curly Hair for Men

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


Long curly hair for men can be beachy and relaxed!

Created by stylist Samantha Fife of Las Vegas, these natural curls are so eye-catching, considering the beautiful texture. The coolest part about it is how well it works with men’s facial features, and the way they can really rock and embrace their natural curl!

According to Fife, “The best advice I can give to all men with long curly hair is lots of moisture! For this look, we used Paul Mitchell’s spring-loaded shampoo and conditioner to fight frizz and help define those locks. We styled the twirls on damp hair.”

Long Top Old School Style

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


An old-school hairstyle with the shorter sides and the longer top made to taper. It’s best for guys with hair that’s smooth or wavy. The great thing about this cut is that it works well with any face shape, too.

Barber Pulzatto from Brazil likes that this long hairstyle can be styled using several shapes of combs and with various types of ointments.

“To recreate this look, try the Reuzel Grooming Tonic. Apply on wet long locks and dry with a blow dryer, moving the hair back. You can also finish with Ruezel Matte Ointment or Reuzel Pink,” Pulzatto explains.

Long Layered Cut for Gents

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


It’s an elevated, long layered haircut that Las Vegas-based stylist Rosie Rodriguez created. Subtle layers added texture to the shape of this hairstyle.

To prep a long layers cut like this, Rodriguez recommends CoteCHHair Hybrid styling foam and a drop of Quinoa Smoothing Oil. The styling foam is weightless and helps provide a smooth look with thermal protection while blowdrying with a round brush. The Quinoa Oil eliminates frizz and adds shine without weighing down the hair.

Long and Sleek Mob Hairstyle

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


Almost a men’s bob (mob), this men’s long hairstyle was created by barber  John D’Annibale of Brooklyn, NY.

“It has weight removal, but it’s also very textured and soft. No guy wants to grow his hair out or cut his very long hair shorter into a cut that looks like a mushroom or something out of a bad comedy scene,” D’Annibale explains.

The products that D’Annibale recommends for this look are lightweight texture styling creams, pastes if you have heavy hair or a nice pomade that you can work through it. D’Annibale adds, “No gels! You want the hair to stay soft which is why something lightweight is best. You still want a little hold though so you aren’t touching it and pulling it back all day. Tucking it behind the ears is best.”

He adds, “If you are losing your hair, guys, don’t grow it out. It will only make your longer strands look finer and thinner. Get a tight cut and move forward.”

Wearable Naturally Long Curly Hair

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


These are soft, natural curls in a long, low-maintenance haircut by stylist Victor Paul of Costa Mesa, CA.

“My favorite thing about the long curly haircut is it’s an easy, wearable, and carefree look for all ages,” says Paul.

“Hairstyles for men with long hair like this are ideal for dudes who have curly textured hair that want to grow it out,” Paul emphasizes.

Men’s Long 90s Grunge Hair

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


A lot of inspiration was taken from 90s grunge and the likes of Kurt Cobain with this look, but with a more wearable texture and a slightly more matte finish rather than the greasy 90s feel.

Barber Liam Paul Robinson of the UK states, “My favorite thing about this long straight hair for men is how easy it is to wear.”

The cut’s shape works well on both straight and curly hair types as the layers are kept long and very shattered. “Curls don’t go too wild as the layers aren’t too short, and on straight hair, the layers are helping to create movement,” Robinson adds.

Long & Disheveled Hair

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


If you want to keep it simple, then this disheveled look is for you. Oregon-based hair designer Geino Äotsch loves this look because you shouldn’t have to think about how to style a messy rugged look into your hair!

“For this long mane, we used Byrd’s Salty Coconut Texturing Surf Spray and Rudy’s Clay Pomade,” Äotsch mentions.

Äotsch recommends this long hairstyle for a guy who isn’t ready to cut all their hair off but is definitely in need of a change. Äotsch notes, “This is a low-maintenance style that doesn’t require a lot of attention.”

Tousled Long Layers for Guys

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


It’s a tousled long layered cut that complements the hair’s natural wavy texture. The layers and the weight of the cut look gorgeous with very little effort.

Based on stylist Marty Thomas of New York City, a great cut shouldn’t need a lot of product. “I used Redken Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame to lay the cuticle down and fight frizz and humidity. I finished it with a small amount of American Crew Fiber on the ends to give texture, add body, and enhance shine,” Thomas notes.

Thomas also points out that it’s a unisex universal haircut. It can look amazing blown out and styled within an inch of its life but as seen here, but it looks equally as sexy straight right out of bed with a little product. It works best on a hair type with body and movement.

Wavy Hairstyle on Men with Long Hair

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


A man’s long wavy hair is naturally edgy. The triangle shape created with the one-length cut is super cool and very on-trend!

With these long locks, stylist Jason Vieira of New York recommends a “no blow dry” curl cream to help define the curls/texture, combined with a sea salt spray at the roots to create some volume and a beachy texture.

Vieira adds, “I recommend this cut for the guy with curly/wavy hair who wants to be able to wake up and go without much styling effort, but yet still remain edgy.”

Simply Grungy Style for Long-Haired Men

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


This hairstyle for long-haired men is simply grungy, made by a stylist from Tennessee, Michael Jay.

“I cut his long mane in a very organic way, taking out weight where needed and leaving only what needs to be left. When you give longer men’s hair too much construction, it starts to look like women’s hair,” states Jay.

He recommends this cut to any dude willing to try it! “It won’t work on really fine hair, though. There needs to be a medium to thick density. This man has really thick hair, so a lot of our time together is spent de-bulking,” Jay notes.

The California Classic Cut on Long Blonde Hair

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


The California Classic long hairstyle for men is for that sexy beach dude!

Hairstylist Dani TyGr of Los Angeles says, “This soft layered haircut typically showcases long fringe with a deeper imperfect part. This cut is all about the texture. If the hair is left too heavy and bulky, it will leave your man looking totally outdated. It can be worn at different lengths from the length shown here to shoulder-length.”

Its appeal comes with the evolvement of gents with long hair. “We all remember the beloved man bun which quickly transcended to the most recent tightly barbered, highly groomed trend. What’s next for men’s hair is this much easier lived-in and effortless look that has actually been featured in men’s fashion for years,” TyGr explains.

Men with this long and textured cut should let their hair air dry or lightly diffuse after a good detoxing cleanse and a hydrating condition. After that, this style requires little to no product!

TyGr continues, “This hairstyle is best for a man that has some natural texture in his locks. If the hair is too straight or too curly, time in front of the mirror with a few products and maybe even a hot tool may be required to achieve the best results.”

Shoulder-Length Long Curls

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


The best thing about these awesome long curls is that it’s undone with a bit of a Jon Snow vibe. “The loose waves are to able have more movement with the texturizing that was done, meanwhile the shape is still square to maintain a masculine aesthetic,” stylist Merideth Pedack of Bellingham, WA describes.

To create this cut, Pedack shaped it with a straight razor to add texture and remove weight. Pedack continues, “I finished it with Bumble and bumble Don’t Blow It Thick leave-in conditioner to give the waves some definition and not leave a heavy product feeling in the hair.”

Johnny Depp-Inspired Long Side Part

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


A 90s Johnny Depp-inspired long hairstyle has a style that will last much longer as grows out organically!

To recreate styles like this, barber Danny Richardson of England suggests Sebastian Professional. “I love the Dark Oil to smooth the cuticle and add body. The fragrance of sandalwood and cedarwood is an added masculine bonus! I add the oil then scrunch dry using a diffuser,” the stylist explains.

Richardson adds, “I’d always recommend this hairstyle for men with a good head of hair! It’s perfect for guys with an edgy style. And it’s ideal for an oval or square face shape, and would also work for men with curly hair!”

Low-Maintenance Surfer Look for Long Hair

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


This lengthy hairstyle has texture and volume that shows natural hair at its best! This was created by a barber from England, Thomas R D Palmer.

“I only used one product for this look, which is Sirens Ibiza Sea Salt Spray. I use this product for adding texture and volume. It can be used before and after blowdrying and is great for men with textured hair,” Palmer points out.

Palmer recommends this style for guys with waves or curls for a low-maintenance surfer look. It’s perfect for guys with good strong jawlines to add masculinity to longer hair.

Long Textured Cut

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


The look is a long textured cut by stylist Michael Sponsel of Atlanta, GA. “My favorite thing about this cut is how effortless it is to maintain. The other thing I love about this look is the combination of hair and beard,” Sponsel states.

Sponsel always recommends a grooming spray with long hair. Then adds, “On this cut, I used Layrite Grooming Spray and Layrite Beard Oil. It has a light hold and adds texture to the hair. The beard oil has a light, fresh scent and adds softness and light hold to the beard for shaping.”

Wearable Rocker Shag on Guys’ Long Hair

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


A rocker shag for men’s long hair has all the movement and texture the cut needs.

“For long hairstyles for men, I used a volumizer product/root lifter that was blowdried into the hair, then used a light spray wax. His hair is a finer texture, so I needed something light and airy for styling,” Chicago-based stylist Carrie Gough explains.

If you have medium to coarse hair, you could use a styling wax or paste to finish, as well as a straightening iron for even more definition if needed.

Men’s Shaggy Long Hairstyle

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


It’s the long shaggy surfer look, cut by barber Jon Franklyn of Battle, Sussex. “I created it by putting some long layers in and feathering the side fringes into the mid-lengths and ends. What I love about this long hair style is that you can create movement and style with ease,” Franklyn explains.

Franklyn only uses MUK products and they can be found on Instagram @mukhaircareuk. Franklyn goes on, “For this style, I used Beach MUK which is a sea salt spray. I sprayed six to seven pumps into his hair and finger dried it on medium heat and medium speed, scrunching the ends to create bend and movement.”

Gents’ Professional Yet Relaxed Long Hairstyle

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


It’s the perfect style for medium to long hair because it’s professional yet relaxed. The shape and the texture throughout the hair look great. They allow the hair to fall into place with little effort, which is a must for most men.

Barber Tahlia Pileggi of Byron Bay, NSW styled the hair with Aveda Men’s Performance Grooming Cream. “It’s a product that is not only lightweight but also water-based. This means it doesn’t feel like you have too much product in the hair. We finished it with Aveda Texture Tonic to enhance the natural wave,” Pileggi explains.

Relaxed But Groomed Long Hairstyle

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


Opt for long hairstyles for men that are relaxed but still groomed. “It’s a super versatile and low-maintenance style that uses the hair’s natural texture,” says UK-based stylist Emma Louise Piggott.

“You can wear it loose for a more casual look, or styled back tighter and more groomed for a more formal occasion. I love this look because it’s a welcome change from skin fades,” Piggott emphasizes.

Brushed Back Hair with Long Beard

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


A longer, brushed-back haircut really compliments the beard by giving the man a cleaner and put-together look. The beard blowout is necessary because when beards are as long as this, they can sometimes look unkempt. This hairstyle by stylist Rachel Highfield of Dayton, OH proves that having a beard doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t look professional!

Highfield recommends this look on men who have a full head of hair and can grow a full beard! “It works best on men who have straight hair and can take a little extra time out of their day to style their hair and beard,” she notes.

Long Individual Rope Twists

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


These are long individual rope twists for black guys. This style allows gents to have the freedom of wearing their locs down without being in the face.

Stylist Kimberly West of Atlanta says, “The product that I would recommend to recreate this look is called LocN Gel. LocN Gel is the best product that doesn’t leave the scalp itchy or dry and it leaves any style looking perfect for weeks. The best thing about it is that it does not contain any unwanted or harmful chemicals that most “other” brands have. LocN Gel is definitely my number one recommendation. Natural oils are also sprayed onto the hair to give the finishing look.”

West recommends these twists for dudes who are looking for something different, fun, and low-maintenance. Rope twists are very popular and well suited for those with mid-length to long locs. This style lasts a long time and once taken out, the hair will have a beautiful crinkle curl pattern!

Long Blunt Cut With Texture

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


This lengthy style is a blunt cut with texture, created by stylist Yuki from Beverly Hills, CA.

“My favorite thing about these long hairstyles for men is that it’s very easy to style. He can also put it up if he wants. I did a dry cut on him so I could see the natural flow of hair and work the details,” says Yuki.

This style will work for fine to medium hair types and any face shape. If a guy is looking for easy styling, opt for this cut.

Long Undercut with Mid Fade

29 Sexiest Long Hairstyles for Men


This is one of the edgier men’s long hairstyles you’ll see here. You can achieve a shaved look without actually having to buzz your hair off. The transitions in this are wonderful, still maintaining that punk rock look.