46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas

Classic Tight Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


This is how you achieve neat and tight fade hairstyles for men! Buzz out the sides in a clean manner while making the top hair fuller and in shape. Stylist Ashley did an amazing cut to this dapper gentleman.

Straight Up High Fade Haircut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


Enjoy this skin fade with lots of hair to style at the top of your head.

The Popular Burst Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


A popular fade for black men that tapers around each ear, is also known as the burst fade. It’s perfect when trying to achieve a mohawk style.

Boosie Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


The Boosie fade is one of the most popular black men’s hairstyles. Its short length is what makes it easy to style and maintain.

Beard Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


One of the best types of fades for men is a beard fade that helps define the jawline. It makes a smooth transition, too!

High Top Fade Haircut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


A high top fade is a men’s haircut that’s stays with us forever. It won’t go out of style because of its uniqueness and head-turning vibe.

Temp Fade Haircut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


Temp fade haircuts for men are great for guys who want shorts sides and a sharp style. Though this short haircut works on any hair type, it would look best on gents with natural curls or waves.

Straight-Up High Fade Undercut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


This is a straight-up  undercut with a high fade. The deep weight line with a quick skin fade really makes this look pop.

High Skin Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


This is a great high skin fade cut for guys with medium to low facial hair. It uses the whole head as a canvas to draw sharp clear lines, whether it’s on the cheeks or on the sides of the head.

Faded Sharp Edges

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


These faded sharp edges are a faded cut that promotes the spiky look. Pointing those spikes horizontally makes it approachable and modern.

Piece-y Skin Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


This is a faded cut with a full and rebellious top. It’s like drawing teenage spirit through hair. Still playful on top, with a touch of grown-up on the sides.

Clean Slick Pompadour Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


You would have never believed a haircut can be soothing like this pompadour fade. Long, clear, uninterrupted lines, frontside and fading to the back.

This cut is slick, it’s soothing, and will go best with monochromatic outfits. This is definitely one of the more popular fade haircuts for white men.

Spiky Medium Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


Spiky medium fade hairstyles are not for the faint of heart. This cut is bold, noticeable, and here to make a statement. It fades on both sides to create more emphasis.

A Fresh Comb Over Fade with a Hard Part

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


A fresh comb-over hairstyle with a hard part is sure to look suave with faded sides! Men with straight to wavy hair will love wearing it.

Clean and Slick Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


The ultimate gentleman’s cut is here—it’s a clean and slick fade haircut, created by James Beaumont, a top-notch barber from Exmouth, UK.

“This style is a contour hairstyle that has a low skin fade, parting on the left and at the front top. The hair pulls towards the back creating a sculptured shape, almost silhouetting a pompadour shape from one side angle,” Beaumont describes.

Beaumont’s advice for men wanting to adopt this look is to have a consultation with a stylist or barber. The ideal head shape would be as flat and smooth as possible, avoiding indents or ridges which can cause shadows within the fading. “Medium to fine hair texture is best, avoiding a thick density so the hair can be manipulated to grow backward. If the hair is thick then we would require a longer length of that style,” Beaumont explains.

Cool fade haircuts like this need to be blow-dried when styling. Thus, these are only ideal for gentlemen who are willing to put a little time into preparing their style daily.

Kids’ Fade Haircut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


This kids’ haircut is a clean, short fade combover, as per style creator Rosie Fernandez of Las Vegas. It’s pretty versatile for any hair type as long as you have the personality to carry it off.

“If the boy has curly hair, I would recommend a high shine pomade for a clean, detailed style. If he has straight hair, I would go more for a dry paste for a matte, messy style,” Fernandez suggests.

Drop Fade on French Crop

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


This look is a masculine French crop with a drop fade. What’s great about this cut would be how the layers sit just about the fringe, creating a lot of texture and movement. This cut also complements a short fringe towards the hairline that was textured using the point-cutting technique.

This creation is by barber Christopher Pickin of the UK. “If you are considering having this type of cut and have thick hair with a strong jawline, then I would consider having a longer fringe. If you have finer to thin hair consider more of a blunt short fringe,” Pickin states.

Temple Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


Here’s a temple fade cut on curls to achieve a cooler way to add flavor to a seemingly simple hairstyle. The Brooklyn fade gives a suave cut at your temples and leaves clean edges for a smooth finish.

Taper Fade Haircut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


This is called a taper fade haircut by barber Tray Fadez of Forth Worth, TX. It’s also faded from the sideburns to just in the back. Fadez mentions, “I love the shaded look to this style and the way it blends. Its dark edges give you a really smooth and soft look that stands out, but also brings out the rest of the cut.”

Fadez adds, “My best tip for getting this hairstyle is to ask yourself if you’re ok with a faded look. Most dudes who haven’t had it tried it out and loved it. It can really stand out and make a difference in your men’s hairstyle.”

Normally this looks starts with a zero but it can also be started with a one or a two. That’s called a light taper, according to Fadez.

Mid Fade Haircut with Design

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


This is a mid-skin fade with a beautiful sharp pattern consisting of four consecutive arcs containing subtle fading within them. The top of the fade is heavily textured to resemble a popular European hairstyle known as a crop, making it a really unique haircut!

Barber Enrique Tapia of California made this mid-fade haircut. According to Tapia, it requires little to no maintenance as with most haircuts with lots of texture. “Before applying any product, I make sure to blowdry the hair thoroughly while running my hands through the client’s hair instead of using a brush. After the hair is dry, I set the blow dryer on cool to help seal the cuticle and safely lock the hair in place,” he explains.

Before sitting at the barber shop and going under the blade for a similar design, it’s important to consider the following. A hair design grows back fairly quickly. With just a clipper/trimmer, you’re looking at three to four days before you start to see hair build-up.

With a razor blade finish, the design should be able to last you a good week or so. These are one of the cons of getting a hair design. Tapia recommends visiting an experienced barber who is familiar with symmetric designs and is great with a straight razor.

Slick Back Haircut with Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas@theliamkenny

This is a signature classic slick back haircut with a fade, designed by Liam Kenny, a barber from England.

The product Kenny personally uses when styling is the Ruezel pomades. They give good texture and finish with a matte look that still has just the right amount of shine.

Mid-Skin Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas@caseys_cuts_nj

This is a mid-skin fade clipper cut. Stylist Casey Terramoccia of New Jersey used a number 2 on top, but since everyone’s hair is different, the size on top will vary based on the barber’s discretion and your hair type. “I like this look because it’s a very simple, classic, and clean-cut look. The beard also stands out because the top length is so short,” Terramoccia notes.

No need for products here. At the very most, Terramoccia says a beard oil might be used to add a smooth shine and softness to the beard.

This mid bald fade is recommended for a guy who doesn’t want to fuss with their hair. A rounder head shape would work best with this look, too, according to Terramoccia.

Shadow Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


To be honest, a fade really never gets old. And it isn’t for young gents only. See for yourself what a nice shadow fade can do to you.

Undercut Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas@natejcutler

This is a tight, undercut fade. The top was cut with a straight razor to bring out texture and remove weight.

Barber Nate Juergensen of New York points out, “I really like this faded undercut because of the contrast between the clean and tight sides and the soft top with lots of movement.”

“Fades work on most hair types to show natural head shape. Men interested in getting this faded cut should be prepared to get the sides and back cleaned up monthly,” Juergensen adds.

Low to Mid Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas@jm_the_barber

This is a classic low/mid skin fade cut by Josh Mathur, a barber in St. Helens.

“The fade isn’t too harsh, meaning this style works great for the “get up and go” guys and the more corporate ones, too,” Mathur emphasizes.

He adds, “I’d recommend this style to guys who aren’t afraid to visit the barber at least once a week and want to achieve that clean and fresh look. To keep a skin fade looking fresh, a regular visit to your barber is key.”

Most men can have this style, though the best results are seen with thicker and darker hair. This look works wonders for a longer face shape, but will also work on the more common oval shape. High fade haircuts on men with a longer face shape are a big no-no.

Asian Fade Haircut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas@ganiealvaro

This is an Asian high fade, natural medium-length comb over hairstyle. Stylist Ganie Alvaro from Dubai, recommends using a sea salt spray product to create the texturized volume for loose and natural tousled waves, plus a texturizing clay and a bit of hairspray to finish.

“Guys with a thick or medium thick hair type on a round or slightly round face shape can wear high fade haircuts. Any kind of lifestyle can pull off this cut and style,” Alvaro explains.

Low Skin Fade Haircut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas@cairan_mclaughlin

This is a low skin fade haircut. According to stylist Cairan Mclaughlin of Australia, the best thing about this low bald fade is that it’s a nice clean look for a guy who doesn’t want too much maintenance.

A dry look product, which is nothing too heavy, is recommended to style this hair.

Mclaughlin also suggests this type of style to guys who want a look that’s easy to maintain, but still stylish at the same time. “This cut always looks good when the man has thick hair because the fade is more pronounced.”

Long Hair with Faded Shaved Sides

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


A slight nod goes to the innovative styling of the top long hair and pairing it with the faded shaved sides. The rest of it goes to the undeniably smooth transition from thick to shaved along the sides, going down to the neck area for a fresher feel.

Afro Fade Haircut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


This afro fade haircut for men is inarguably one of the most decent trends for 4C type of hair.

Low Triple Zero and Side Part Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas@jasminekathleenn

Here’s a hairstyle that’s an “Ivy League” side part with a low triple zero fade, designed by barber Jasmine Shipley from Australia.

“I recommend this side part fade for men who want to look sharp and fashionable. Medium to thick hair is preferable. Since this is a sharp and square-cut, the look can be worn by most face shapes – giving them a straight and sleek appearance,” Shipley explains.

Faded Sides with Black Waves

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


Natural-looking waves with a fade like these look best on black men. So when you’ve got flavor this hot, let your faded waves be seen by the world.

Box Fade Haircut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


You don’t need any ruler to make a box faded cut this straight! Just go to your favorite barber and let him do the trick!

Long Hair Fade with Disconnected Undercut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


Leave the longer hair on top sleek and thick while the sides remain tapered and faded for a contrasted look. What’s great about a long hair fade with a disconnection is how you can wear it up in a man bun style if desired.

Short Fade Haircut with a Line Up

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


This short fade haircut is shaved with a mid-skin line up. Created by stylist Dale Hince of England, this is based on the man’s hair and skin color naturally.

“I love the impact I have created how short/ textured the top is against the crispy clean box line up along with the mid bald skin fade,” Hince notes.

According to Hince, your barber should always recommend his/her opinion depending on suitability. He adds, “this style is very low-maintenance because it’s so short you don’t have to do much in the mornings. Just add your matte clay or slick Gorilla texturizing powder, rough it through, and spray!”

Mohawk Fade Haircut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas@moisesgtz_barberlifestyle

This haircut is called a skin low fade without a drop and scissors on top, which means about an inch off-cut into a mohawk on top.

“What I really like about this haircut is the skin fade. I like how the low fade goes from light to dark from bottom to top and it blends perfectly on top leaving a perfect blend,” Mexico-based barber Moises Gutierrez states.

This look is for younger kids, young adults, and teenagers. This cut works best on mostly thick hair, wavy hair, and straight hair. Any face shape can wear this faded cut, too.

Ivy League on Men’s Fade Haircut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


An ivy league cut on a men’s fade haircut might give you the smoothest mood you’ve ever had.

Textured Quiff with Classic Taper Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


A schoolboy’s cut—this textured quiff with a classic taper fade is boy and man-friendly. Professional and playful in one endearing package!

Frohawk Fade Haircut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


This frohawk hairstyle with a fade gives a tropical fun look! Stylist Jose Crespo of Connecticut says, “I love how the top texture continues down the back of the head with the natural curls!”

High Skin Fade on Men’s Hair

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


This high skin fade is described as a clean, professional cut that’s funky-fresh, as well. Stylist Nick is truly skilled!

Curly Hair Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


If you’re a natural curly-haired guy, then a fade most likely suits you. For the straight-haired men though, a little curling iron and styling cream would get you the job done.

Military High and Tight Fade Crew Cut Haircut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


A crew cut with faded sides like this has an attitude! That skin shave is tight and the side-swept hair is charming.

Bold Fade with a Combover

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas@mr.scissor

This is a bold fade with a combover, cut by hairdresser Abe Alobaidi of Riverview, MI.

“What I like about it is that it’s very clean-cut and keeps you fresh for a long time. With this look, you could go at least three weeks before you need another cut. I recommend this look for guys with dark hair,” Alobaidi notes.

High Bald Fade

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas@_moozilla

This cut is a high bald fade haircut with the fade starting at the parietal ridge and fading to the desired length on top.

Stylist Martika Mitchell of North Carolina says, “for men with curly hair, you can use a curl sponge to maintain the top. For straight hair or any other hair type, you can use a pomade or nothing at all.”

According to Mitchell, “bald fades are very versatile and they can be cut on any hair type. They’re best for the “get up and go” lifestyle and require little to no maintenance.”

Low Fade Haircut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


Here’s a low fade style by barber and salon owner Edward from Haltom City, TX.

“I suggest complementing a low fade haircut with a well-groomed beard. This creates a contrast in textures between your fade and your facial hair,” explains Edward.

The barber suggests Suavecito Pomade when recreating the style because it provides moderate hold and a matte finish.

Edward also adds, “the low fade starts extremely low with the skin at the very bottom, then blends up from that point, following the natural curvature of the head. It’s a good option for a more oblong, diamond, or triangular head shape.”

Fade Haircut with Line

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


Don’t fret looking all messy with this dappered-up tight fade. A surgical line and side part puts the look altogether.

Medium Spiked Fade on Faux Hawk Haircut

46 Best Men’s Fade Haircut Ideas


Create a faux hawk with your layers and a faded haircut. The best tool to achieve those neatly shaved sides graduation would be the clippers.